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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 559: Who Are You

“What are you looking at? Get in!” The maid noticed that and her face was darkened. She moved aside and blocked Florence’s sight. Then she directly walked into the room and pushed Florence back rudely. “Bang!” The door was closed. The four maids were standing in a line in front of the door as if they were a wall, completely blocked Florence’s way out. Obviously, they didn’t want her to go out. Florence felt more uneasy. She had realized that she wasn’t saved but was trapped. She took a few steps backward and questioned seriously, “Who are you?” “You don’t need to know who we are. You only need to lie here and recover,” said the maid in lead in a cold tone. She directly walked towards Florence. The other two maids walked to the instruments with different tubes and started washing the tubes with bloodstains skillfully. Watching them on alert, Florence felt her hair stand on end. She wondered if they would insert those tubes on her again. The maid asked her to recover, but Florence wondered if they had other evil intentions. Probably they would drain out her blood. The more she thought about it, the more fearful Florence was. She roared excitedly, “Don’ you know who I am? I’m the daughter of the isolated Fraser family. My brother and parents are the most powerful ones in this world. You’d better let me leave her as soon as possible. I can take nothing has happened today and won’t get even with you. Besides, I’ll give you back a big thank you gift. “Otherwise, when my brother finds me, all of you are doomed!” Florence resorted to both mild and severe measures. However, the maids ignored her. As if they were not afraid of anything, with cold looks, they approached Florence. “Stop coming over!” Florence tried to fight back hurriedly, but the maids were far stronger than she was. They caught her quite easily, making her unable to move a bit. They dragged her forcibly and pressed her onto the bed. Two maids skillfully inserted those tubes back on her body again one after another. “What the hell are those things?” Florence struggled fiercely, but it was useless. It hurt a lot when the tubes were inserted into her all fours. Cold sweat oozed on Florence. The maid in lead stood next to the bed. She said in a cold tone, “You don’t need to know it. As long as you are cooperative, you’ll suffer less. ” She implied that if Florence didn’t cooperate, they wouldn’t show mercy on her. Florence wondered who the heck they were. She felt the chill rising on her spines, wondering when she had offended those people

Instead, she walked to the window directly. Since she couldn’t walk through the door, she chose to escape from the window. Florence immediately made a move

. The window could be pushed open. She put on a lot of effort and finally pulled it open. Without any hesitation, she climbed up on the window. As soon as she climbed up, her head hit a wall with a loud bang. It hurt. She rubbed her head in pain, feeling more confused. She could see a garden through the window, but why did she bump into a wall?Florence reached out and touched out of the window in shock. As the result, she touched a solid wall in surprise. The scenery of the garden was a wall. It turned out that the window was fake. Florence gaped, feeling panicked. The room had a weird design with a fake window, which meant that there was no exit for her to escape. Florence felt coldness in her heart, despair surging in her heart. She wondered if this was a closed prison particularly built for her. “Who the hell are you? Why are you locking me up?” Florence excitedly yelled at the room in angry. However, she was alone in the room. Nobody responded to her. Outside the door, there was no movement at all. Florence was reluctant. She couldn’t bear it. She still wanted to know if Ernest had survived. She couldn’t waste any time here. She rushed to the door and punching at it excitedly. She kept yelling, “Let me out! I want to go out!“Come out!“Who the hell are you? Are you afraid I’ll take revenge on you in the future?”. She kept yelling, her voice becoming hoarse. She didn’t believe that those people outside wouldn’t be able to hear her. However, they all ignored her no matter how long she had yelled. After a long time, Florence felt that her throat had burning pain and lost her strength all ready. Right then, the door of the room was opened from the outside. Florence immediately tightened her body. Suddenly, she exerted her strength with the speed of a-hundred-meter-race sprint, rushing out recklessly. The person who opened the door didn’t expect Florence’s sudden movement at all. Off-guard, the person fell aside after being bumped. Taking the chance, Florence kept running forward without any stop.