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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 156: Who Dare to Laugh at Her?

“Yep, we can’t let go of those bastards easily. If Ernest hasn’t arrived there in time, Florence would have been raped. Although Florence is rescued, she…” Charlotte clutched her dress tightly and choked with sobs sorrowfully with tears streaming down her face. She acted like she hated those men very much and like she was the victim. Brianna was sitting beside Georgia. When hearing these words, her eyes lit up, but her expressions still looked serious and angry. “Flory was almost raped? What the hell had those men done to Flory?” “Those sons of bitches! When we arrived there, they had taken away Florence’s clothes and she was wearing underwear. She was almost…” “Shut up!” Before Charlotte could finish her words, she was interrupted by Ernest’s snappish words. Ernest glanced at Charlotte coldly with daggers in his eyes, “Who told you about this?” Charlotte was startled and gazed at Ernest in a panic, “Ernest, did I say the wrong thing? I didn’t mean to do it. I was just feeling angry for Florence. ” Ernest ignored her and questioned in a cold voice, “Who told you about this?” Charlotte was scared and replied weakly, “I heard from the police officers. Those criminals gave the details of their crime. ” The atmosphere in the room immediately became cold. Ernest pulled a long face and exuded a cold, ferocious aura. The reason why he came into the old factory alone was that he was afraid that he was so late that Florence would have been raped. He felt heartbroken when simply imaging that scene and of course he would not allow others to witness it. Nevertheless, he only thought about how to prevent others to see the scene and how to rescue Florence back then, so he hadn’t taken those people’s confessions into consideration. Dame it! He had to go to the police office in person. Charlotte was scared by Ernest’s aura and didn’t dare to utter a syllable. Nevertheless, Brianna raised her voice as if she had discovered something extraordinary and said with astonishment, “Oh my gosh, they took off Flory’s clothes? She’s Ernest’s wife-to-be. If this is spread out, it will be a great shame to the Hawkins family. Those outsiders will laugh at us. ” Nicholas and Melissa’s expressions turn hideous when hearing her words. Her daughter was a victim, but she was now distained

Moreover, even if she was really raped, I, Ernest, will still love her and marry her as scheduled. ” The woman on the stairs froze. Short after Ernest’s departure, Florence was scared by her nightmare and woke up

. As there was no one in the room, she subconsciously felt restless and walked out of the room. But she hadn’t expected that she would hear these words when walking downstairs. Ernest uttered every word resolutely and Florence felt touched. She had never known that he wanted to marry her resolutely. Florence felt like her mind was in turmoil. Georgia gradually heaved a sigh of relief when hearing Ernest’s words and gaze at him with satisfaction and delight. This was the result that she wanted the most. “Good!” Georgia stood to her feet and patted Ernest on his shoulder, “You’re no wonder the heir of the Hawkins family. Good job, boy. She’s your fiancée and definitely no one can laugh at her or humiliate her!”When speaking, Georgia gazed at Brianna and said in a threatening voice, “If someone dares to backbite Florence and maliciously spread this thing out, I will make her regret for what she has said!”Brianna shivered uncontrollably. The reason why Georgia could hold her position as the matriarch of the Hawkins family was not only because she was the wife of the dead patriarch, but also because her cruel and decisive way of doing things when she was young. Although she had retired for several years, her aura as well as her horrifying past scared them all the time. “I see, mom. I won’t allow others to gossip about this either. ”Brianna lowered her head and replied in a low voice. Seeing that Ernest was protecting Florence, Nicholas and Melissa became less angry and felt quite satisfied and relieved. They were reassured that they could let Florence marry him. Ernest would protect and pamper her; hence, even if the Hawkins family was a noble family, Florence would not come to grief after marrying into the family. Charlotte’s was disappointed. She gazed at Ernest in disbelief. She hadn’t expected that Ernest would protect Florence to such an extentShe originally thought that they would cancel the engagement after today’s accident…