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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 287: Who Do You Like?

“Mr. Hawkins, please cancel our engagement. Many girls are eager to marry you, so you don’t need to entangle in this relationship with me. I will move out of your house tonight. When you solve it, we can come to your grandma together and tell her about our decision. ” Florence said word by word resolutely and composedly. But her hands that were clenched tightly revealed her real emotions. Ernest’s expression became gloomier and gloomier. He stared at Florence, trying to see through what was in her mind. She liked him, but why did she insist on cancelling their engagement. But he could only see determination in her eyes, which made him feel very angry. Rage burned in his chest and he even had an impulse to strangle this annoying woman. Cancel their engagement? She wished so much to make a clean break with him! “You don’t need to move out of here! I will live outside!” Ernest squeezed the words out of his gritted teeth and then turned around. He strode out of the house quickly. He was afraid that if he stayed in the house for a more second, he would lose control of himself. A loud bang of door closing then sounded from downstairs, which showed that Ernest was really furious at the moment. The whole villa was overwhelmed by silence. There was no one except Florence in the house. Florence was nailed on the ground, her temples aching. She intended to move out of this villa, but in the end it was Ernest to leave. It looked like he was really angry. But it seemed that he still refused to cancel their engagement. Florence didn’t understand why Ernest insisted on marrying her. He didn’t love her at all. She was lost in her thoughts. After a long while, she looked up and glanced around the bedroom which remained unchanged. The bedroom was filled with her stuffs and Ernest’s stuff. She seemed to be able to smell Ernest’s smell in the air. Florence felt her heartbeat quicken as Ernest’s face had occupied her mind. Florence felt flustered. She felt disturbed to stay in this house. She didn’t know how to deal with her relationship with Ernest now. They couldn’t get married. But Ernest insisted on it… What a headache! Florence pressed her aching temples and produced her phone. She then made a phone call to Phoebe. Phoebe answered her call soon, “Flory, what’s the matter? Oh, are you coming back tomorrow? You want to invite me to have lunch together?” “Not tomorrow, but now

Wait a minute. ” Florence ended the call and then walked out of the bedroom with two large luggage cases. Before closing the door, she turned around to take a glance at the room again and felt upset

. She felt upset at the thought that she was about to leave the bedroom that she had been living in for a long period of time, that the warm times she spent with Ernest would not come back again and that the relationship between her and Ernest would come to an end. But these all didn’t belong to her. Florence closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, there was only composure and determination left in her eyes. She slowly closed the door. Phoebe parked her car at the entrance of the villa and leaned against the car to wait for Florence. When she saw Florence walked out of the house with two huge luggage cases, she widened her eyes in shock. What was going on? Florence wanted to move out of here? She hurriedly walked over took a luggage case from her. She then asked with worries, “Flory, what’s going on? Are you going to move out of his house and live outside?”Didn’t this mean that there was something wrong with Florence’s relationship with Ernest?Phoebe recalled that Florence asked her how to identity whether if she had fallen for a man at that night and became nervous. Florence fell for a man, but she moved out of Ernest’s house after proving it. Could it be that the one she liked was not Ernest?Phoebe felt dizzy. She couldn’t accept this. Florence pushed the luggage case to the car and said, “Yeah. I think I need to live at your home recently. I will move out when I find a house. ”“This is not important. What matters is that why you move out of Ernest’s house!”Phoebe helped Florence put the luggage case into the trunk and asked anxiously. She wished so much to figure out what was going on. When she received the phone call, she thought that Florence simply want to live with her for one or two days. She hadn’t expected that the circumstance was so serious that Florence even moved out of Ernest’s house. When thinking of the reason why she moved out of the house, Florence became gloomier. She pretended not to be bothered and shrugged her shoulders, “I will cancel the engagement with Ernest. ”Although he hadn’t agreed with it, Florence herself was quite determined. Phoebe was so shocked. She gazed at Florence in bewilderment. “Really? Why?”“I can Ernest are people from different worlds. ”Florence gave her the conclusion. She then pulled open the car door and seated herself in the passenger seat. Seeing that Florence was so resolute, Phoebe thought there must be something wrong. It was reasonable if Florence was determined to cancel the engagement in the past, but now…“You told me that you fall for a man last night. Who’s him?”Florence was stunned and was then clutched by a sharp pain and depression.