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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 325: Who Has Opened the Box?

Phoebe replied, “Maybe he didn’t fall head over heels at first. You need to think at what point of time his attitude changed” The first time they met, Ernest was really acting all high and mighty, and she was able to bring back that moment with clarity. During the whole negotiation, he had only uttered a few words besides shoving a cheque at her. He didn’t even so much as glancing in her direction. At that time, she felt that this man was really out of her league. She didn’t even dare to hold any personal desire for him. Later on, he suddenly landed in her company and assumed the position of her president. From that moment on, Ernest had tried various ways to approach her. His attitude towards her had taken a complete one hundred and eighty degree of changes. Florence didn’t give that transformation much thought at that time, dismissing it as Ernest caring for her just like how a husband would do in a marital relationship. But now that she carefully thought about it, could it be that he had started to have feelings for her since then? Was he actually going after her? This possibility seemed all the more likely the more she thought about it. Florence just had a lingering doubt as to the actual reason he had fallen for her. However, without the confession from him, Florence would never get to the bottom of this. If her confession was successful this time, perhaps she would muster some courage and ask Ernest about it. As for now… Florence unpacked the huge box and found a huge stack of colour stripes. They looked magnificent. With these, she would be able to decorate the villa and made it look even more spectacular than a wedding scene. The whole place would feel romantic. At the time when Ernest proposed to her, he had transformed the whole villa into a dream world which captured the eyes of the beholder, and he even renovated the back garden into a style she would love. He had the vegetation designed into the words ‘Marry me’. At that time, she didn’t understand the meaning of his efforts, but now that she was the one doing all the preparations, she understood that he must have really loved her. They had missed each other that time, and now she wanted to make up for that loss. She was going to make up by preparing a romantic confession for him personally. It was the same place all over again. “Ding dong—“ When Florence and Phoebe were inflating the balloons to decorate the whole villa, the doorbell rang. Phoebe put down the things in her hands and trotted towards the door, “My darling is here! “What darling are you talking about?” Florence was dumbfounded, and she stopped what she was doing to check out the scene at the door. She saw two delivery guys carrying a huge cuboid box into the living room. The size of it resembled a human’s height. It was a huge box. Phoebe was directing them, “Put the box here, yes, this spot. Be careful not to spoil it

In the past, when the Hawkins family was preparing the marriage, Florence didn’t have any special feelings because at that time, she had known that the wedding wouldn’t go on as scheduled, and she knew very well that even though she was married to Ernest, they wouldn’t be a loving pair of husband and wife too. That marital tie didn’t mean anything to her. However, things were different now

. If they really ended up together, she would treat Ernest with all her love and sincerity. It was her dream to go through a marriage like that. And it so happened that her partner was Ernest, who was an outstanding man who somehow made her fall over heels for him. “Hey, judging by your excited look, I guess you want this confession to happen immediately so that you can throw yourself at him. ”Phoebe began teasing her. Florence’s face immediately blushed, “How can you say that?”“Alright, alright. Consider me didn’t say anything. I will pretend like I never saw your face. ”Phoebe was laughing playfully as she pushed Florence to the gift box, “Get into it. I will loosen the knot outside, and let’s see how things would look. ”Florence stood inside the box, and for some reason she began to feel nervous. Her mind was replaying what would happen in just two days. She would be standing here like this too, and when Ernest opened the box, she would stand up and let him be known that she was giving all of herself to him. Florence immediately felt embarrassed at the thought of that. At the same time, she couldn’t help looking forward to it. What would be his reaction? Would he feel happy?In no time, Phoebe closed off the box and Florence was sitting on a stool in the box. She was immediately plunged into pitch black darkness. In the darkness, all kinds of trivial sensation faded, leaving only her anxiety which grew more pronounced by the minute. She realized that although they were just rehearsing this, her heart seemed to jump against her rib cage with force. She would have to be careful not to get suffocated on that actual day. Florence was feeling so nervous that she was at a loss, and at the same time she heard the sound of the ribbon getting pulled. It was specially designed that nobody outside would hear any sound of the ribbon unravelling. Only the person inside could hear clearly the sound of the ribbon so that they could prepare themselves. By then, Florence would hold a bouquet of flowers, and she would emerge like a fairy among petals. With a loud sound, the box came apart. Florence immediately stood up inside, and the ribbons were all loosened up in her hands. “How is… it…” Florence’s smile froze upon seeing the person standing in front of her. It was not Phoebe who had pulled apart the ribbon, it turned out that it was…