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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 620: Who Is He

Everyone knew how persistent and serious that Ernest was to Florence. Since he could rush to the wedding scene on time, he wouldn’t let Benjamin marry Florence at all. They wondered if the wedding had been. “Impossible! Benjamin confirmed! They got the marriage certificate already!” the gray-haired man snapped loudly, but he didn’t sound quite confident. Earlier, Benjamin told them that he wouldn’t come back for the time being because he would go for the honeymoon with Florence. However, the bride who was supposed to be on the honeymoon appeared here with Ernest hand-in-hand, and Benjamin was missing. What Benjamin had told them earlier now sounded full of flaws. However, they watched Benjamin grow up and educated him by themselves. They knew how powerful he was and they trusted him. Hence, they refused to believe that Benjamin had been defeated by Ernest under such a good condition. “Ernest Hawkins, did you keep Benjamin imprison? Then you forced him to divorce Florence, didn’t you? Let me tell you. If you’ve done such an evil thing by improper means, even Benjamin isn’t Florence’s husband now, we wouldn’t admit you!” Upon hearing such harsh blame, Florence couldn’t help having waves of anger. She gazed directly at the gray-haired old man. Raising her voice, she said, “Don’t you know who the vicious one that used improper means was? “It’s Benjamin Turner! “The so-called marriage proposal audio record was taken when he disguised himself as Ernest and deceived me. As for that wedding, it’s a shame - he has kidnapped me and forced me to marry him!” “What? Impossible!” the gray-haired man denied without a second thought. All the elders standing behind him looked the same. They retorted affirmatively, “Benjamin would never have done such things! Florence Fraser, we all know you like Ernest and want to protect him. But you can’t blackwash Benjamin because of it. He loves you truly. ” Florence gaped at them. She couldn’t understand what Benjamin, such a scumbag, had done to bewitched those elders so that they trusted him so much. Ernest’s smile suddenly disappeared from his cold face. He looked at those elders coldly and sharply, squeezing words between his teeth, sounding extremely aggressive, “A man like Benjamin Turner doesn’t deserve any blackwash from Florence in person. ” His proud words stepped Benjamin on the mud disdainfully. It was also a merciless slap in those elders’ faces. The elders all blushed, glaring at Ernest in disgust, wishing that they could ruin him by the punishment immediately. In their opinion, such a man like Ernest shouldn’t belong to the Turner family, and nor should he have shown up in the family. The gray-haired man said to Theodore with a darkened face, “Master, look at him. How arrogant Ernest Hawkins is! He’s not the master of our family yet, but he disdained our family so much

In the perspective of interests, he had become unqualified to be the heir already. Otherwise, as an heir without any supporter in the family, even if Ernest would become the next master, he wouldn’t be able to manage the family well. Instead, he would only lead the Turner family to the decline

. Comparing to the rise and fall of the family, Theodore didn’t think his grandson that important. After hesitating for a short moment, he had made up his mind, looking at Ernest ruthlessly. He said, stressing each syllable, “Ernest Hawkins, I’ve tried to warn you again and again, but you didn’t want to listen to me. Now you can’t blame me for being heartless. “You are no longer qualified to be the heir of the Turner family. It’s a decision already. You must admit it. For the sake that Florence is so protective to you, we’ll use the lightest punishment on you. ”He could guarantee that Ernest wouldn’t die. But he would become disabled for sure. That was the last mercy he could give Ernest as his grandfather. Ernest’s eyes became icily cold in an instant. He curled up his lips into an ironic smile. Those so-called family members of his were truly cold-hearted to the core. Even they had known that he was wronged and he hadn’t destroyed the relationship and interests with the Fraser family, they still wanted to ruin him. Since they longed for Benjamin to be their next master, Ernest decided to fulfill their wishes. With a sneer, he said, “Okay. I’ll return Benjamin Turner to you guys. ”After that, he waved his hand. Timothy led two tall and strong bodyguards, walking down from the helicopter with a stretcher. Although they were quite far away from where Theodore was standing, the Turners could see the man on the stretcher had a face that was beyond recognition, looking ferocious and hideous. He looked creepy. Theodore’s pupils shrunk, sensitively realizing something. In a tightened voice, he questioned, “Who is he?”