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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 431: Who Is that Man?

Stanford said to his subordinate right away, “It’s my father’s birthday the day after tomorrow. We should hold a banquet as usual. ” His subordinate was surprised, “Wasn’t it said that Master wouldn’t hold a birthday banquet this year?” It was because Florence was pretty down, they didn’t plan to celebrate it at all. Stanford shook his head to deny. He said happily with a smile, “I’ve changed my mind. This banquet can delight Flory. Go ahead and prepare for it. By the way, it’s a masquerade. All the guests are required to wear masks. ” The subordinate looked more surprised, “But, it’s Master’s birthday banquet. Wouldn’t it be so informal to hold a masquerade?” “My father wouldn’t mind it as long as it would delight Flory. ” After a thought, Stanford added, “Invite all the good gentlemen in the neighborhood. The more the better. ” The subordinate finally realized what the young master was doing, “Young Master, do you want to look for a boyfriend for Little Miss through this banquet?” “That’s just part of the reason. ” Sanford looked up in the direction where Florence’s room was, his eyes full of tenderness and expectation, “I’m sure Flory would feel much happier after meeting someone in the banquet. ” The subordinate asked in curiosity, “Who is it?” “Stop asking nonsense! Go ahead with your work. If the banquet can’t be ready by the day after tomorrow, you would be doomed. ” Stanford kicked his subordinate. However, this was the first time that he felt so delighted in the past few weeks. … Since Florence was pretty down, she didn’t have any interest in such a banquet. However, it would be her father’s birthday banquet. As the daughter, she must attend it. In the dressing room, Tammy said with a feather mask in her hands, “Little Miss, although the attendees are required to wear the masks for the masquerade, you can wear any mask. Why would you wear such a huge one? It will hide almost all your face behind. Nobody would see you and know who you are. ” “I don’t want others to recognize me, anyway. ” Florence took over the mask and put it on her face. Except for her lips and chin, everything else on her face was hidden. She was quite satisfied. After all, she only wanted to greet her father at his birthday banquet. She didn’t aim to socialize with others. Besides, she wasn’t in such a mood to deal with those things. Tammy could read Florence’s mind. She couldn’t help but heave a sigh, feeling sorry for Florence. Since Ernest had left, Florence was extremely down. She had never been happy again. Tammy could tell that Florence wasn’t interested in such a lively banquet at all. However, Ernest and Florence were in such deep love before. They were willing to risk their lives for each other

In a trance, she thought it was Ernest. She wondered if he had come here. Florence looked over at him obsessively, her heart hammering

. Looking hesitant, she walked towards him. The closer she got, the more she felt that his figure and temperament looked like Ernest. Had he come here? It was him. “Why are you here? I’ve been looking for you for a long time. ”Suddenly, a woman in a red long dress walked over in high heels from aside. Naturally and intimately, she took the man’s arm. The man lowered his head and whispered in the woman’s ear. They looked pretty close. Looking at them, Florence felt that they were a perfect match. She suddenly held up her pace stiffly, looking pale. The delight and hope in her heart instantly turned into a bubble. The man wasn’t him!Ernest wouldn’t have another woman around him, and nor would he talk to another woman so intimately. They just looked like each other in terms of the figures. Florence suddenly felt so depressed and upset. In a panic, she turned away. Right then, a tall and strong man showed up in front of her and blocked her way. His voice sounded quite familiar, “Flory, I’ve found you!”Florence looked up and saw the man’s smooth chin and straight nose bridge. He was wearing a purple feather mask that only hid his eyes. It matched her mask and the dress she was wearing coincidentally. Florence frowned, “Mr. Turner, why are you looking for me? Please have fun yourself. I’m not interested in entertaining you. ”After finishing her words, Florence was about to leave. However, Benjamin reached out suddenly and grabbed her wrist. He curled up his lips into a smile and said, “We’ll dance the opening dance tonight. ”“I can dance with my brother,” Florence refused him directly. She didn’t want to dance with Benjamin at all. However, when she was about to walk away, only to find Benjamin clicked her fingers toward a place. Suddenly, the lights in the hall were turned off, only a spotlight on them. Benjamin took a step back and reached out a hand to her gentlemanly, “My fair lady, may I have the pleasure to dance with you, please?”He gave her the most gentlemanly invitation through his clear voice. Although it was dark around her, Florence knew that she had become the focus of the hall. Everyone was looking at her. Gritting her teeth, she whispered, “Benjamin Turner, you are such a despicable jerk!”It was her father’s birthday banquet tonight. No matter how unwilling Florence was, she couldn’t refuse Benjamin’s invitation for dance and embarrass her family in this banquet.