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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 231: Who Sent the Breakfast?

In the car… Reynold casually took a glance at Florence and asked, “There’s some time left before the office hours and we can have breakfast together. What would you like?” Florence looked at him confusedly when she heard his words. “Philus Hotel has sent me a breakfast. Don’t you know it?” Florence had noticed that Reynold had a special relationship with Philus Hotel last night. It seemed like he was a regular guest of the hotel, hence he should know that the hotel would sent breakfast to its guest. Reynold was a bit stunned, “They sent the breakfast to your room?” “Yeah, they said this is included in the services for the presidential suit. ” Reynold asked, “They directly sent it to your room? Did you order the breakfast?” “I didn’t. ” Reynold became more shocked. He was a playboy and often came to Philus Hotel. Not only did he have some relationships with the staff of the hotel, he was also a regular guest of it. Therefore, he was clear about the rules and procedures of the hotel. At least, when he lived in the presidential suit of this hotel before, they didn’t proactively send the breakfast to his room. This was because Philus Hotel had an exclusive buffet, which was as large as a big restaurant. Generally, the guests of the hotel would come to the buffet to have meals and if they wanted the hotel to send food to their rooms, they had to go to the buffet to order food. It was the first time to learn that Philus Hotel would send breakfast to its guest’s room. “Mr. Myron, what’s the problem?” Florence tilted her head and stared at Reynold. She felt more confused. Just now in the hotel, she felt that the dishes offered were all her favorites and she was confused. And now, judging from Reynold’s reaction, apparently he didn’t know that the hotel would proactively send food to its guests. Then what the hell were the two meals sent by the hotel? Reynold had a slight change in his expressions. He hesitated for a while and then said, “Maybe this is a new service. I can experience it when I come to the hotel next time. ” “Really?” Florence’s voice was so low and it sounded like she was talking to herself. ‘Maybe this is a new service. ’ Why did she feel something wrong when she heard this sentence? But she couldn’t tell it. “Yes, if you still doubt it, I can call the hotel and ask them later. ” Reynold added with a smile. His expressions had turned normal and it looked like he was talking about an ordinary matter. But only he himself knew how astonished he was at the moment. They wouldn’t abruptly provide such a meal delivery service to the presidential suit

Reynold immediately came to his own senses. The red light had turned into green light and many cars were congested behind his car, forming a long line. The car owners impatiently honked their horns

. Florence looked towards Reynold confusedly, “What’s wrong?” How could he be distracted when he was driving the car? Florence suddenly felt worried about her safety. “Nothing. ”Reynold felt a bit sorry. He immediately restarted the engine. But he was panic-stricken in heart. He, as a playboy, had seen numerous women, but this was the first time that he became absent-minded and confused because of a woman. Was Florence sent by God to punish him?If it was her, he was willing to accept the punishment. Reynold pressed his lips together and uncontrollable curled up his lips into a smile. It felt good to have a crush on a girl. When Florence turned her head, she saw the smile on Reynold’s face. The smile was so bright that it added charm to his handsome mixed-blood face. Judging from his smile, he looked like an adolescent boy who was falling in love. Did he pick up a beautiful girl last night? And that he was basking in the afterglow of last night’s romantic affairs now?Florence twitched her mouth. Reynold was good in every aspect expect that he liked to play the field. They then arrived at the hotel. As Florence had been living in Philus Hotel for several days, she almost got familiar with it. She uncontrollably recalled what happened last night and became nervous. Would she come across Ernest if she entered the hotel now?She reproached him last night and then ran away. If they met in the hotel later, how should she face him?Should she greet him like nothing had happened?Or should she pretend not to know him and walk pass him with a cold face?Reynold seem to see through Florence’s mind. He walked forward and patted her shoulder, “Don’t worry. You won’t come across him temporarily. ”His tone of voice was quite reassuring and Florence was convinced. She was curious at the same time, “How do you know?”A trace of light flashed across Reynold’s eyes. At the next moment, he curled up his lips into a frivolous smile, “The sixth sense of a man. ”Florence was rendered speechless. He was fooling her just now, yet she was convinced. But Florence felt more relieved after this small joke. They then walked into the hotel