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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 603: Who Should Go

"What are you doing here then? Go fetch her immediately!" Stanford said while frowning, strode towards the helipad and ordered, "Get the helicopter ready. " Addison was not surprised at all by Stanford’s response. He had been searching for Phoebe with him recently and he rushed over immediately whenever they received any sort of information of Phoebe’s whereabouts. Now that they had finally located her for sure, of course, he wanted to go immediately. But as his assistant, he reminded him professionally. “Young Master Stanford, Mr. Fraser is waiting for you at home to discuss something. ” So, he was going back to the Fraser. Although they hid their actions well but guessed Alexander smelled something. Hence, summoning Stanford. But Stanford cared so much about Phoebe now, this was not something that needed consideration, Phoebe was his priority. Addison didn’t think twice and followed Stanford, but then he hit his back after a few steps. He immediately took a few steps backwards and apologize, “I’m sorry, it wasn’t intentional. ” Why did Stanford stop out of a sudden? Jesus. Stanford ignored him, his sight darkened and was suppressing himself from something. He looked at Florence, “Father is waiting for me, I need to go home, you go fetch Phoebe. ” Addison was in extreme shock, his eyeballs almost fell out! He hadn’t misheard, hadn't he? Stanford wanted to go home! Didn’t he not care much about reporting to his father? Florence was shocked too hearing him. It was obvious that Stanford wanted to go for Phoebe but why he changed his mind? This was definitely not because of father. Florence frowned and looked at Stanford in bafflement. “I need to take care of Ernest, you should go,” Florence said. Stanford threw a sharp glance at Ernest. “He is recovering well and can now walk around, what are there to be cared for? In terms of security, I will send my guards. ” Florence stunned to hear that. Ernest reminded her not to change her mind no matter what Stanford said, never agreed to fetch Phoebe. She still didn’t understand what was happening

” He wanted her to pick up Phoebe no matter what. Florence looked at Stanford curiously, what was happening? She was a little annoyed. While she was thinking about an excuse to reject, Ernest put his arm on her shoulders

. “I’ve been standing, my wound hurt,” Ernest said. He sounded weak and tired. Florence immediately held him up and looked at him in concern, “Are you alright?” Ernest shook his head and said lightly, “Guess I’ve been standing too long. ” “I’ll bring you back to your room,” Florence said without hesitation. Stanford’s face turned dark. His sight was like a sharp knife locked on Ernest’s body. He could be sure that Ernest was pretending! He also could be sure that his sister would not believe even if he exposed him, she might even blame him. Stanford cried, “Flory, Phoebe is waiting for you. ” “Stanford, I won’t go, please go. If not, let Addison try, if he failed, we will think of another way then. ” Florence said while holding Ernest, she didn’t even turn her head. She was stern. The temple pulse on Stanford’s head jumped rapidly, he was in flame and upset. “Where is Collin? Send him. ” He said. Phoebe knew Collin, so she won’t reject him out of doubt. Addison stood still and said weakly, “Mr. Fraser, Collin hates Ms. Jenkins, he wanted to kill her. ” Stanford, “…”