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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 314: Who Was He Waiting for? Florence?

Timothy also understood why Ernest would have sent Florence away. Hence, he deliberately took Florence to a private kitchen reserved, which was in a hotel next door. Then Florence gave the order to the chef to cook in person. The breakfast that had already been prepared was dumped by Timothy in secret. In the ward, the nurses were putting on dressings for Ernest’s wounds, which would be bandaged later. They looked quite horrible. The nurses and doctors were busy working. Right then, the closed door of the ward was pushed open from the outside. The person who would walk in without a knock was always Florence. The doctors and nurses also knew that Ernest wanted to hide his wounds from Florence, so immediately they became nervous, cold sweat oozing on their foreheads. Ernest also immediately became quite solemn. He grabbed his patient gown and put it on in an instant. While he was buttoning the buttons, he maintained his normal expression when looking over at the door. However, the person who came in wasn’t Florence, but Gemma with a fruit basket. The warm smile on Ernest's face immediately vanished. The doctors and nurses were all relieved. Gemma sensitively saw the expression change on Ernest’s face. She also noticed the carelessness and disappointment when he saw her. She couldn’t help wondering whom he was waiting for. Was it Florence? However, as far as Gemma knew, that woman hadn’t come here after the accident had happened. Obviously, she assumed that Florence wouldn’t show up. Florence had been so ruthless, Gemma couldn’t understand why Ernest was still thinking about her. She felt so furious inwardly as if her heart was scratching by a cat. However, she still maintained an elegant smile. “Hi, Ernest. How are you doing? Are you feeling better today?” “Didn’t the Marlon family’s etiquette teach you to knock on the door before coming in?” Ernest’s tone was cold and harsh. Gemma was startled, her face turning pale in embarrassment. There were always many people coming back and forth in Ernest’s ward in the past two days. It was almost eleven o’clock now, so she didn’t think too much and just walked in without a knock. “Leave. ” Ernest ran out of his patience. Gemma’s pace was stiffened, looking quite embarrassed. The attending doctor immediately tried to dissolve the embarrassment. He explained, “Sorry, Miss Marlon. We’re dealing with Mr. Hawkins’ wounds now. It’s not quite convenient. Could you please go out and wait for a moment?” It wasn’t until then did Gemma see the equipment fulfilled the ward and the unbuttoned buttons on Ernest’s patient gown. She said right away, “I’m sorry, Ernest. I’ll go out now

He was half lying on the bed, reading a book in his hands. Gemma had barely seen Ernest look so leisurely. Usually, he always wore a suit and was busy working in his office or the business banquets

. Right now, he was in a loose patient gown under the sunshine from the window, looking so leisure and elegant as if he was still the senior in their school days and the time had turned back. It was peaceful and nice. Gemma became more obsessive to him -- how could she stop loving such a man? No matter what means she would use or what cost she had to pay, she must gain his heart. Walking to the bed, she sat down elegant on the edge and asked gently, “Ernest, what are you reading?” Ernest still looked at the book. He got straight to the point in an extremely indifferent tone, “What can I do for you?”Gemma smiled. “You got injured. How could I still be troubling you? I’m just worried about you and come over to pay a visit. ”“Now you’ve seen me. You can leave,” Ernest gave her a command without a blink. Florence might be back pretty soon, and he didn’t want anyone else to be here. Gemma was taken aback. She had never expected that Ernest would drive her away so soon. She said in a grievance, “Ernest, are you still angry because I didn’t knock on the door before coming in just now?”Ernest became quite impatient. His eyes turned cold. Pressing his lips, he didn’t speak. Since he kept silent, it was also an acquiescence. Much to Gemma’s surprise, Ernest, who used to care about her feelings more or less, now didn’t consider her dignity at all. She was standing there, embarrassed for a moment. However, the more he behaved in this way, the less she wanted to leave. She had a huge sense of crisis already. If she couldn’t grasp the chance to stay by Ernest, she probably would be parted from this man all her life. This was definitely not the result that she had been expecting. Gemma bit the bullets and walked to Ernest’s bed again. Then she sat down in a place to keep a proper distance from him. Picking up a knife, she started to peel an apple. She said in the aggrieved tone as often, “Ernest, please don’t be angry with me, OK? I’ll knock the door obediently from now on. ”Ernest still looked at his book without casting her a glance or speaking. Gemma was like playing a monodrama. If it were someone else, he or she would be tossed out of the ward already. It was just because she was Gemma, Ernest wouldn’t do it to her. Upon realizing it, Gemma guessed that he was treating her differently. She felt joyful, more courage surging in her heart. Shortly, she finished peeling the apple. Then she cut it into neat pieces and put them on the plates. She used the fork to pick on a piece and put it next to Ernest’s mouth. “Ernest, eat the apple that I’ve just peeled, please