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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 577: Who Was That?

Florence got goose bumps. Benjamin’s word made her hair stood. Benjamin wanted to kill Ernest! If Benjamin caught Ernest, Ernest wouldn’t have any chance to live. Florence couldn’t imagine the picture where Ernest stabbed in front of her. She would go mad. “I will kill you first if you dare to harm Ernest. ” Florence took out a knife from her bag. She took it with her when she escaped from the place. Florence didn’t expect she would need to use the knife so soon and for such a bloody purpose. “Let’s see if you are qualified to bring me down with you. ” Benjamin sneered. Benjamin pointed at Florence. Two women who killed Rodgers walked towards Florence with a cruel look. Rodgers was well-trained, and he did know taekwondo. However, he was defeated within a second by these women. Florence didn’t stand a chance. However, Florence won’t give up easily, even if it seemed hopeless. Ernest’s life depended on her. Florence panicked. She wielded the knife in her hand. “Don’t come near me! Go away!” Florence wielded the knife hard and rapid. If those women weren’t careful enough, they might get hurt if they come any nearer to Florence. A normal person won’t be reckless. However, one of the women ignored the fact that Florence was wielding a knife and reached out her hand to grasp Florence. Florence kept wielding the knife in panic. She cut the woman’s arm. The wound was deep, and it kept bleeding. But the woman didn’t stop like she didn’t care about the cut. She used the wounded arm and grasped Florence’s wrist. The woman held on so firmly that Florence thought her bone was going to crush. Florence gasped for air in pain. Then, Florence hopelessly saw the woman took away her knife with another hand. Her only defending weapon was gone. Florence looked pale. She was terrified. At the same time, the other woman tried to grasp Ernest. Florence screamed in fear, “Don’t touch him!” Florence ignored the woman who grasped her wrist and tried to kick the other woman who wanted to grasp Ernest

A chill sent down to Florence’s spine. But Florence stood up straight and decided not to give up. She planned to take all the attacks

. Florence would do anything as long as Ernest wasn’t harmed. Florence carefully stared at those women getting nearer. She raised her arm in front of her chest as a defence when they attacked. It was better than not defending at all. However, those women were determined to torture her. They dodged Florence’s arm and punched Florence in her stomach. It was the place she got kicked earlier. The second time of a sharp pain made Florence trembled. At the same time, another woman kicked her knee. Florence could felt her knee numbed. The pain Florence felt on her stomach, and her knee almost destroyed Florence. Florence’s body was shaking. She almost fell. Ernest was shaking too. He wobbled and almost fell onto the ground. Florence’s eyes were red, and her face was pale, but she looked determined. “Kill me, or I will never let you harm him!”Nobody can. “Then, die!”A cruel look appeared in the woman’s eyes. The woman started throwing punches at Florence. Suddenly, she curled two of her fingers and threw a knuckle punch at Florence’s forehead. Benjamin became nervous from afar. Florence would die if she got hit! Benjamin only wanted to teach Florence a lesson. He didn’t want Florence to die yet. Damn. Before Benjamin stopped the woman, her punch was already too near to Florence’s forehead. Once Florence’s forehead got hit, she’ll die of a concussion. Florence was carrying Ernest with both hands. She couldn't dodge the punch. All Florence could do was to see the punch came straight to her forehead, along with a sense of danger that she feared. Florence could even smell death. “Go die, Florence!”The woman was cruel and cold. She didn’t hold back, and she threw the deadly punch. However, her punch landed on the back of the hand of a man. Ernest placed his hand on Florence’s forehead and protected her from the punch