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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 188: Whose Dates

Seeing that Ernest had drunk the wine, the man thought that Ernest was kind to him. Flattered, he immediately gulped down the wine in his glass in one breath as well. After finishing the wine, he added with a smile, “Mr. Hawkins, I’m the CEO of Ricky Corporation. In the future, if you have time, we can play golf and have dinner together. What do you think?” “I’m too busy,” Ernest uttered a few words coldly. He didn’t even care about this man’s dignity at all. The smile on the man’s face was stiffened. He gaped at Ernest. Just now, he witnessed that Mr. Hawkins drink off the wine, which meant that Mr. Hawkins was quite kind to him. However, in just a few seconds, how could Mr. Hawkins change his attitude? With a pretty and graceful smile, Gemma said, “I’m sorry. Ernest is indeed pretty busy usually. Sir, why don’t you leave us a business card? If he’s available, he’ll call you. ” The mid-aged man now felt comforted. With a smile, he handed his business card to Gemma. After Gemma put away the business car, naturally she picked up another glass of wine and handed it to Ernest. She was standing beside him, helping him with everything considerately. When Florence rushed into the hall, she saw this scene as soon as she walked into the door. In the banquet hall where guests were walking back and forth, among the excellent gentlemen and gentlewomen, Ernest was as shiny as a star. She found him at the first glance. Beside him, Gemma was also stunning. The red dress made her as enchanting as the burning flame. Even she was standing next to Ernest, she looked quite suitable. They both looked matching each other perfectly -- the man was talented and the woman was pretty. Gemma was busy helping Ernest take those business cards from the guests and changing the wine for him. She took care of him so carefully and considerately, just like a date. She was even more intimate to him and harmonious than a date. Florence looked at them in a daze, and for some reason, traces of coldness surged in her heart. At this moment, suddenly Gamma looked over at her. Her red lips curled up arrogantly, expressing her provocation. She looked as if she was a winner. The red dress on her also burnt Florence’s eyes like a fire. Looking down at her own red dress, Florence suddenly felt extremely ironic. The color of their dresses was the same, and so was the style. However, Gemma was the princess who was arm-in-arm with Ernest. And she was Cinderella who was standing at the gate, unknown to others. In such a comparison, Florence felt extremely awkward. She couldn’t help but pinch her handbag tightly. Through the cover of her bag, she touched the edge of the gift box, which was so sharp as a steel blade. He didn’t need her gift, even if it was found by her after running through so many streets

He wouldn’t let Florence be Cooper’s date. “So what? She’s my date. Who do you think you are to criticize her?”Cooper frowned slightly

. His tone went deep, sounding quite august. The three women were frightened. They knew Cooper. Although his family was not based in City N, it was a big family. His identity was quite competent when compared to all the rich guys in the hall. His social status could be even higher than theirs. “We’re sorry. We didn’t mean it. Mr. Scott, please give us,” the three women immediately apologized. They were afraid to offend Cooper. Otherwise, if he moved one finger and used his power, their families would be doomed in an instant. At the same time, they also envied Florence. They had never expected that she could hook up with Cooper. Florence looked over at her in confusion. She didn’t understand why those women called Cooper Mr. Scott. Also, they seemed to be quite afraid of him. Wasn’t Cooper an ordinary assistant designer?Cooper ignored them. He looked over at Florence gently. He said in a clear and soft tone, “Flory, since you came here, be my date, please. ”Florence hesitated. Subconsciously, she looked over in the direction where Ernest was. He was standing with Gemma together as a perfect match. There was no position for her next to him. If she just left this banquet in this way, it would be so embarrassing. Now Cooper asked her to be his date, and obviously, he was helping her. Florence nodded in agreement. She approached Cooper. Then she whispered, “But I don’t want to stay here for too long. I want to leave pretty soon later. ”“Sure. I’ll go with you later,” said Cooper without any hesitation. He completely fulfilled Florence’s will. As a matter of fact, the reason why he came here today was just to check on Florence. Much to his surprise, he was so blessed that he met Florence and got the chance to become her date. Florence looked at Cooper gratefully. At least, in such an embarrassment tonight, he stood by her and helped her.