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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 46: Whose Supporter Is More Powerful

"It’s nothing. " At this point, there was a palm gently patting Florence on the shoulder to comfort her. Cooper stood up from her side, exuding a strong aura, which was quite different from what he usually looked like. He looked at Winnie and said, "Since there is no evidence of what happened two years ago, anyone’s words may be false. What we need to deal with is what happened last night. In that video, Florence never admitted that she wanted to make a deal with that security guard. The security guard might get the wrong person. This matter is related to the career of a designer. We must not make a hasty decision. We must look into the matter clearly. " "That is the case. What else do we need to look into?" Isabel said discontentedly, "And, today is going to announce the rules of the next contest, do you want to let Florence continue to participate in the contest?" "Yes, if she participates, it’s unfair to us?" "We won’t allow her to participate. It is the most reasonable to drive her away. " Other designers said one after another, their words full of disgust and hostility towards Florence. Cooper’s expression became gloomy and he gave Isabel a cold look. On the surface, this matter didn’t seem to have anything to do with Isabel, but at critical moments, Isabel always sowed discord. "Ms. Clifford, what do you think? I don’t believe you are an unreasonable person. " Cooper stared straight at Winnie and said these words with a warning tone. Winnie was slightly surprised. She had been in the workplace for many years, and she had met a lot of powerful people. And the Cooper in front of her also gave her a sense of danger. She had a hunch that Cooper would not be an assistant. Florence had such a person to help her. Winnie was hesitant. She couldn’t decide whether or not to drive Florence away directly at this time. "Ms. Clifford, I’m willing to accept the investigation. I want to prove my innocence. " Florence stood up and said firmly, "I won’t know the rules of this design contest until the investigation result come out. " It was the biggest compromise she had ever made. The next contest was only a week away. And designing clothes was a time-consuming thing. If she got the rules too late, she might not be able to design clothes. What’s more, it might only take two or three days to investigate this matter

Winnie had mixed feelings. She put away her mobile phone and walked into the conference hall again. She became wise and impartial again

. "Please be quiet. "She looked at the crowd and said, "I just discussed this with my superior. This is a very serious matter, so we think we must make a clear investigation before making a decision. So, Florence will still stay here, and we’ll find out the truth immediately. Florence will not be informed of the rules of the contest until the truth is found out. And the rules of the contest may be leaked, so we will change the rules and let you know in the evening. "This was a little fair way to deal with it. The smile on Isabel’s face disappeared in an instant and she frowned. She didn’t want Florence to stay here one more minute. "It’s already happened. If you keep Florence here, we won’t be convinced. "After a pause, Isabel added, "It also affects my mood when I design clothes. "It didn’t matter if it affected her mood. But if it made Grayson and the Russell family unhappy…The Russell family was one of the important investors of Ovi Fashion Design Contest, whom Winnie didn’t want to offend at all. Before, Winnie would satisfy Isabel’s needs to the greatest extent, but now, even if they offended the Russell family, they dare not offend Mr. Hawkins. Winnie didn’t hesitate and said solemnly, "It’s my boss’s decision. I’m just carrying out his decision. If you are not satisfied, you can go directly to the president. "With that, Winnie didn’t stay here, turned around and left quickly. As Winnie left, Isabel’s expression became worse, and she stomped angrily. She glared at Florence fiercely. She didn’t expect that after such a thing, Florence could still stay here. However, it was impossible for them to find out the truth. Florence was a little relieved. As long as the investigation was carried out, she still had the hope to participate in the contest. Cooper and Florence came out of the conference hall together. Along the way, Cooper looked gloomy and he seemed to have something on his mind. After a while, he said in a deep voice, "Florence, I’m sorry. "Florence was stunned and looked at him doubtfully. "Why did you say sorry to me?"