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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 322: Why Are You So Hot?

“I am actually being serious here. ” Florence declared as she went on to unbutton Ernest’s patient gown. The serious look on her face seemed to tell everyone that she was ready to take over all of the doctor’s jobs from this point on. Ernest felt a transformation happened on his facial expression. He didn’t want Florence to get spooked by his injury in the first place, which was why he didn’t want her to see it. Despite that, if she was going to apply medication directly for him, that would mean she would be scrutinizing his wound carefully. With a helplessness welling up within him, Ernest reached out and grabbed Florence’s wrist. “You just stand by there. The doctors would do it for me. ” Seeing that Ernest finally complied to getting treatment, Florence staggered backwards to allow space for the doctors. She then announced, “I will do some chores around here. ” Ernest said with a helpless tone, “You don’t need to do that. Just sit down. ” “But I want to do something for you. ” Florence stood beside the medical rack as she passed all the essential items needed by the doctor to him in a frenzy. With how she was handling those things, it felt like she was familiar with the procedures here. A faint glow flashed in Ernest’s eyes. It was not like he didn’t realize Florence’s devotion to him, he just knew why Florence had been being so hardworking. During this period of time, Ernest always used an excuse ordering Florence to buy breakfast in his attempt to avoid letting her lay eyes on his injury. Florence would happily go along with it. However, she was just standing not far away today, which gave her the chance to get a good look of his injuries. At the sight of his injuries, her heart shrank very fast. She had prepared herself mentally many times, but when the time arrived for her to see them with her own eyes, Florence couldn’t help feeling a jabbing pain in her heart. Tears seemed to be threatening to break free of her eyes. There was no way Ernest could feign being not in any sort of pain with that kind of grave injuries on him. Ernest studied Florence’s expression and his brows knitted slightly. His low voice came, “If you are having a hard time watching it, then don’t look. ” “I—I am fine. I have no problem with it. ” Florence gnashed her teeth as she forced a smile. However, her smile looked more like she was crying than actually smiling happily. Ernest simply stared at him, and he suddenly lost himself in her expression. He was able to see that she cared about him and she was feeling very sorry for him. She used to announce that she wouldn’t have feelings for him, yet why was she acting like this now? What did he mean to her, deep down in her heart? “Miss Fraser, please pass us the ointment. ” The main physician turned to look at Florence as he stated his needs

He only uttered some words softly after some time, “Do you want me to recover as soon as possible?” “Of course!” Florence nodded with certainty, and her eyes were full of urgency and seriousness. She hoped for Ernest to make a speedy recovery more than anyone. She wanted him to feel less pain

. As he watched her emotion swirling in her eyes, Ernest’s eyes went dark. He didn’t want to think of the worst at this moment. Perhaps, she was behaving in such a way because she was too worried about his body. As for what would happen to their relationship after he had recovered…Ernest couldn’t know whether Florence would be sad to leave him, but at this moment, he couldn’t put his doubt into words. ---Due to Florence’s dedication to participate whenever they were doing medication for Ernest, and she was also the one concocting the right amount of medicine for Ernest and watching him swallow then, Ernest’s injuries were able to recover at a blinding speed. The initially grave and grotesque injuries were able to form scars only after two days, to Florence’s surprise. Even his main physician was secretly praising the miraculous effects of that medicine. Collin was way too advanced and formidable in terms of his skills. Seeing that Ernest was recovering steadily, Florence slowly felt more and more at ease. With how things were progressing, Ernest would be discharged from the hospital after just a few more days. And she planned to give him a huge surprise the moment he had come out of the hospital. Now that the time for his discharge was moved forward, Florence felt elated yet nervous. The type of surprise she was coming up with needed some time to prepare, which meant she didn’t have much time left. She needed to get into action with this limited amount of time. And she had to do it behind Ernest’s back. Hence, after making sure that Ernest’s injury was almost sealed up and he finally resumed his normal bodily activities, Florence stopped standing by in the ward all the time and got herself to work on the preparation of her surprise. Contrary to that, Ernest was feeling worse with the passage of time. Ever since he had consumed Collin’s medicine, his body was making a tremendous recovery. Florence who used to take care of him around the clock no longer appeared by his side as often. Whenever she returned, she would never utter a word as to what she had gone to do. Ernest couldn’t help feeling that her dedication and full-focus on taking care of him previously was due to the severity of his injuries. Now that he was almost fully recovered, her interest in him seemed to wane. He wasn’t even out of the hospital yet, but it seemed that she was always nowhere to be seen. By the time he was discharged, wouldn’t she just completely disappear? He was turning around a thought in his mind, a thought about her feeling sorry for him and feeling reluctant to leave him. However, judging from the look of things, it seemed that she didn’t harbour any of that feelings at all. The reason she had pushed for him to consume Collin’s medicine probably meant that she wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible. He couldn’t believe that he was shaken up just a little, thinking that this woman really care about him that much. With a loud bang, Ernest smashed all of the cutleries on his table with a cold face. The food were splurged on the floor, which made the maids jump in shock. They shrunk their necks and froze on the side, not daring to make a move. In the past two days, Ernest was becoming a difficult subject to serve, and those maids were wondering how Florence was able to care for him so well