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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 72: Why Did It Feel Strange?

Ernest looked at Harold emotionlessly, “I knew. ” Harold suddenly realized, “Of course you knew. She must have told you first when she came back. ” Anthony looked at Harold in a disgusted look, “So, what are you doing here?” “Oh, you are here. ” As if Harold just realized Anthony’s attendance, he answered in a casual tone, “I’m going to the gathering with Ernest. Well, since you are here, we don’t mind bringing you with us. ” Anthony was the Vice President of the company. It is normal for him to leave with Ernest. Who needed Harold to be their guide? Anthony looked away in despise. He didn’t want to talk too much to Harold. Florence looked at the three of them, and she saw Ernest was ready to go. She said, “Anthony, we should do the makeover another day. I should leave now. ” When Florence was about to leave the office, Ernest said in a domineering tone, “You are going with me. ” “Florence is going too?” Harold got even more surprised. He stared at Ernest with a strange look. He then approached Ernest and whispered, “Your relationship with Gemma… Is it good for Florence to attend the gathering?” “Nothing is wrong. ” Ernest stared at Harold emotionlessly. His sight was so cold as if he was judging Harold for his stupid question. Harold didn’t know what to say. He was being thoughtful, but he ended up blamed for asking too many questions. Although Florence didn’t hear what Harold said to Ernest, she knew something was off when Harold, who was usually playful and liked her a lot, suddenly didn’t want her to attend the gathering. And the relationship between Ernest and Gemma was the reason. Ernest approached Florence and sized her up. Then, his sight stopped in the direction of her thigh. Florence looked pretty but… “Redo her style. Then only we leave. ” Anthony felt speechless. He wanted to resign so much at this moment. Initially, Anthony was only supposed to build Florence’s image, but now he got appointed as her stylist and he needed to style her for events. Anthony felt like crying. He carefully picked a slightly conservative gown for Florence this time. A white gown embroidered with diamonds. Simple and grand. A sheer white shawl covered Florence’s shoulder. She looked fresh and stunning. Most importantly, every inch of her skin was well-covered. Ernest was finally satisfied with her look. He looked at Florence and said, “You look great in a gown

Furthermore, Florence didn’t have the right to mind about Ernest’s relationship with other women. “Of course not. ” “Great

. I hope we could be friends. ” Gemma reached out her hand to Florence. Her hand looked fine and pretty, just like herself. Florence smiled and shook her hand. However, Harold felt uneasy seeing Florence and Gemma shaking each other’s hands. He approached Anthony and whispered, “The relationship between Gemma and Ernest… Won’t something bad happen if they go on like this? I don’t feel good about this. ”Anthony replied in an emotionless face, “Even if something bad happens, it’s all your fault. ”Harold felt unhappy, “Why is it my fault? What did I do?”He was only a bystander. Gemma hadn’t even looked at him since the moment he stepped into the room. He was almost like an invisible man. Anthony explained, “You mentioned about Gemma in front of Florence. That’s why Ernest brought Florence here tonight. ”Harold felt guilty. Gemma led them into the main hall. The lights of the hall were off after a while. A strong light then flashed at the centre of the hall. At the same time, soft music was played. Gemma turned around and looked at Ernest, “Ernest, dance with me?”“Alright. ”Ernest agreed without hesitation. It’s like he wouldn’t reject anything Gemma proposed. Then, he looked at Florence and whispered, “Wait for me here. Alright?”He was about to dance with another woman, but he wanted her to wait for him here. It sounded so strange. Although Florence didn’t feel good in her heart, she nodded. Ernest then walked to the centre of the hall with Gemma. Gemma approached Ernest and held his arm naturally. Two of them appeared under the light then started to dance elegantly. Ernest and Gemma immediately became the centre of attention of all guests. The combination of a handsome man and a pretty woman looked so picture-perfect. As they dance, Gemma seemed to twist her leg. She fell into Ernest’s arm the next second. Both of them were so close together as if they were hugging each other so tightly. Florence felt uncomfortable when watching them dancing together.