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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 39: Why Did You Lie?

Florence felt the strange atmosphere between the two men. She was a little puzzled and uneasy, what was wrong with them? The commotion here also caught Madison’s attention. She hurriedly walked over on her high heels. When she saw Cooper and Ernest were confronting each other, she was shocked. She rushed over and pulled Cooper away. “Why are you standing like this in front of Mr. Hawkins? Get out of the way. ” Madison scolded Cooper and then turned her head to look at Ernest. She shrewdly curled into a pleasant smile, “Mr. Hawkins, I hope you don’t mind. He’s a newly hired assistant. He’s a little careless in handling tasks and he doesn’t know the rules. ” Cooper was pulled away. His handsome face did not show any unhappy expression and he naturally stood beside Florence again. It was neither too far nor too close, which was the distance in between friends. But it also showed some man’s protection towards a woman. Ernest’s eyes darkened and an unknown emotion was sparkling in his eyes. Then, he pursed his thin lips. Without saying anything, he turned around and walked out. His tall body portrayed a haze of alienated coldness. Stunned, Madison looked at Ernest’s back and was feeling very puzzled. Mr. Hawkins came for a while and left. What was the reason he suddenly came to the Design Department? Although Madison was very confused, she completely did not dare to ask. After walking out of the Design Department, Ernest’s face slightly darkened and he ordered coldly, “I want Cooper’s details. ” Merely an assistant? Although the confrontation only lasted for a moment, Ernest could clearly tell that Cooper was certainly not that simple. What was his intention for coming here to work as an assistant? Timothy spoke respectfully, “Yes, sir. ” Ernest came for a while and left. After that, however, the others in the Design Department did not dare to complain a word about the matter of place this time anymore. Florence could finally focus her mind to do preparations. She was going to participate in the Ovi Fashion Design Contest after a few days. Cooper, as the only assistant of Florence, naturally had to go with her this time. Their works almost intersected so they got off from work together. After they reached the company lobby, Florence said while walking, “I’m going to take the subway, what about you?” If they did not go the same way, they would have to separate now. Cooper hesitated for a second, then smiled and said, “I’ll take the subway too, let’s walk there together. ” “Okay. ” Florence continued to head to the subway but when she reached the roadside, she unexpectedly saw a familiar Lamborghini luxurious car. Ernest was perhaps the only one who owned this kind of limited car model and arrogant license plate number

” Ernest was slightly stunned. His face looked even worse. He looked at her with eyes that flashed with dangerous lightning

. “Florence, you’re my fiancée. ”His oath-like tone seemed to be emphasizing and seemed even more like a reminder. Florence froze. These few words made her a little panicked. She gritted her teeth and said, “I know, I’ve been playing my role when I’m with you outside, but…”Pausing for a while, Florence apparently plucked up her courage and looked at Ernest with eyes full of pleading. “My dream is to become a well-known designer. I want to achieve my dream step by step with my own efforts. But if the colleagues in the company know that I’m your fiancée, in the future, whether I succeed by my own capability or not, they will have a prejudice against me. I’m very confident in designing, and I want to be sincerely respected by everyone too. ”‘But not to be accused of riding someone’s coattails. ’What Florence did not say was that after a month, she and Ernest would break off their engagement, and by then they would have nothing to do with each other. Her status would fall back to a status like Cinderella. In a place like the company in which people would support the people with high status and bully the people with low status, she would be very difficult in the future. Looking at Florence’s eyes full of pleading, Ernest was enveloped by the utter feeling of disappointment. The reason that this woman kept trying to keep a distance from him was just because of that?But she did not know that his actions of acquiring the company and moving from the headquarters to this office to work, were all for her!After Ernest sent Florence home, he did not say anything and just left. Florence stood at the door of her house while looking at the car that was leaving. She had no idea in her mind. Did Ernest agree or he actually did not?In the next few days, Florence did not see Ernest at the company. She would subconsciously pay attention to Ernest’s matter. She wondered if he was on a business trip or was it because of the words she said that day?Time passed quickly. The time to attend the Ovi Fashion Design Contest was around the corner. As this contest was grand and crucial, and in order to ensure the authenticity of participants’ strength, all participants would be arranged for accommodation equally. During that period, they could not simply go out. It was equally like a closed competition. Also, the rules of each round of the contest and the design style required would only be announced after they entered their accommodation area. Nobody had the chance to cheat. Early this morning, Florence and the other two participants gathered. Each of them had an assistant so there were six people altogether. After Madison told them some important matters, she arranged for them to get in the cars. Walking out of the company lobby, Florence subconsciously looked at the roadside. There were many cars parked there but none of them was Lamborghini. This contest would take almost half a mouth. When she returned, the time agreed by her and Ernest would soon be up. Once a month was up, she and Ernest would not have anything to do with each other anymore. Her heart inexplicably felt uncomfortable