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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 430: Why Do You Dump Me?

Florence was choked in sobs. In a panic, she wanted to pull him to stop, “No! Please don’t go! Please don’t!” She wanted to chase him excitedly. Her fragile body lost balance, and she fell upward on the floor. Her forehead bumped on the floor, hurting so much. However, Florence didn’t care about it at all. Pressing herself on the floor, she wanted to chase him. The man’s back paused for a moment. Then, he walked out of the room without any hesitation. He left do decisively and heartlessly. Lying prone on the floor, Florence cried so miserably. She tried to hold something with strength but she only grabbed the cold air. Ernest wasn’t there. “Why do you . dump me. ” Her sight became more and more blurred, and her mind became blanker and blanker. She only heard a buzz in her brain. After a long while, she couldn’t hold on any longer. She blacked out. The closed-door was pushed open from the outside after a long moment of silence. Benjamin stood leaning against the door with his hands in the pocket, staring at Florence coldly. A vicious smile appeared on his lips, “Florence, you can only choose me. ” Since this day, Florence’s dreams had changed. She was like being dragged into endless nightmares. Every time, she dreamed about Ernest’s cold look and heartless back. He was leaving her, so he tried to ask her to give up and no longer pester him. The nightmares scared Florence. She tried hard to struggle, making herself sober up from the nightmares. When she opened her eyes, Florence still felt an uncomfortable migraine, but she could see the ceiling and the bright line. Finally, she sobered up. It turned out the collapsing feeling and Ernest’s dump were all just a dream. Fortunately, it was only a dream. Florence felt quite lucky. When she was about to sit up, an arm was reached from the side and helped her up. The scent from a stranger disgusted Florence. She turned around and saw the man sitting next to her bed was Benjamin. Florence frowned, immediately distancing herself from him

She was reminded of the suppressed sadness in her nightmares. Ernest had dumped her. Even it happened in her dreams

. Florence clenched her fingers, trying her best effort to hold back the surging emotion in her chest. She looked up at Benjamin and said, stressing each syllable, “Yes. Even Ernest has truly dumped me, I won’t marry you. ” Her affirmative tone and look made Benjamin so furious that he wanted to lift the table and hit someone to vent his anger. He wondered what was so bad about him that Florence looked down upon him so much. “You’ll change your mind one day!”After snapping her irritably, Benjamin smashed the water glass on the nightstand, turned around, and stroke out. As soon as he left, Florence finally relieved her tense nerves. It was way tiring to deal with Benjamin. In the next second, depression surged in her chest and pressed on her heart. She found it difficult to breathe. The thing that happened in her nightmare was the most horrible shadow in her heart. Now, she was sobered, but she still couldn’t get rid of or skip the fact that Ernest had left her. She even didn’t know if they would meet again. She wondered again if he truly had given up on her. …After Florence woke up, the high fever also faded. In the past days, she was sick and dreaming all the time. After sobering up, she wasn’t so hysterical as she used to be, but she couldn’t smile, and nor could she be happy. She was always dizzy. If she wasn’t sitting there in a daze, she would be lost in thought. The only time when her eyes were lit up as she heard the ringing tone or message tone of the phone. However, when she checked and found they were not from Ernest, her eyes dimmed again. Since that day, the signals in their villa came back, but Florence could never reach Ernest on the phone again. Everything about him had disappeared in her life completely. After Ernest was gone, he never contacted her again. As if just like what they had told her, Ernest had given up on her and dumped her. Stanford looked at Florence’s lifeless face, feeling so worried. He tried his best to delight his sister and make her happier. However, none of his methods worked. Without Ernest, Florence was like a soulless doll. When Stanford was quite worried, he got a phone call. After he talked with the person on the other end of the phone for a long while, the light of hope rose in his eyes