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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 306: Why Haven’t You Left?

Generally speaking, even the doctors were not allowed to enter Ernest’s ward without permission. Who was so bold that he/she even broke into the ward without even knocking on the door? The Hawkins in the ward all looked towards the door. Then they saw Florence, who had been nowhere to be found after the operation, appeared at the door. Her face was red and her breath was quick and uneven, which indicated that she had run here. Someone asked in confusion, “Florence? Why is she here now?” They thought that Florence would not come here again. “Why does she come here now? Oh gosh, Ernest even doesn’t want to hear his now, not to mention meeting her. ” “Should we stop her?” They all hesitated and discussed in whispers. The ambience in the ward instantly became more strained. When hearing the familiar name, Ernest’s expression froze. He turned his head and looked towards the door and then saw the woman standing at the door. There was a slight change of his expression. Florence ran towards the door of the ward. She was out of breath and she saw the man on the bed the moment she opened the door. He looked a bit pale and haggard and this made her heart wrenched. Tears well up in Florence’s eyes. She sniffed to suppress her impulse to shed tears and walked towards the bed step by step. Georgia took a glance at Florence and then at Ernest and then decisively walked aside to make room for Florence regardless the fact that Ernest was reluctant to meet Florence now. She had no means to deal with Ernest, and she thought that maybe Florence would be able to stimulate him. Florence walked towards Ernest with her eyes fixing on him. It seemed like it was a long journey and it took several centuries for her to walk to his side. Florence choked, “How… How do you feel now?” There was a slight change in Ernest’s expression, but it turned cold and aloof at the next moment. He replied in a cold voice, “I won’t die. ” Florence sat down by the bedside to close the distance between them. She moved her lips with difficulty and then said in a depressive tone, “Where did you get hurt? Can I have a look?” She only knew that he was still alive, but she had no idea about how serious his wounds were. Considering that he almost died of the wounded, probably he had been wounded seriously. She wanted to have a look at his wounds, so that she would never forget what he had suffered for the sake of her. Ernest’s face became more hideous when he heard the words. He stared at her coldly and sarcastically

She was not clear of Ernest’s feelings for her before and refused to admit her emotions towards him. Therefore, she had those hurting behavior and forced Ernest to cancel their engagement. But now, the situation was different

. When Ernest saved her with his life and got seriously injured in the car accident, Florence felt that everything was not important. Although she was not a pure woman, she loved Ernest whole-heartedly. Even if her family background was not match for Ernest’s, she would work harder from now on to be a world-famous designer so that she would be in league with him in achievements and social status. She took a step forward because she wanted to be with him. “It’s only a verbal announcement and you haven’t declared it to the public, have you? I’m still your fiancée nominally. ”Florence said righteously and reached the spoon towards Ernest’s mouth again. It was first time for Ernest to see Florence taking the initiative to close their distance. In the past, she would try her best to alienate him. Ernest felt a bit touched. But when thinking that Florence didn’t show up over the past two days, he was cooled down again. He thought that Florence came here today because of his grandma’s request. Otherwise, she would not appear in front of him again in the rest of her life. After all, she had put in great efforts to alienate him. “I’ve cancelled our engagement and won’t go back on my words. You don’t need to take care of me. You can leave now. ”“Okay, all right, we’ve cancelled our engagement. ”Florence was not annoyed and repeated his words. He was a patient now and she should not quarrel on such a trivial matter with him now. Ernest felt like his heart was bladed and curled his lips into a sarcastic smile. As expected, this was her inner thought. He coldly shifted his gaze, not wanting to look at her anymore and waiting for her departure. Seeing that Ernest seemed to calm down himself, Florence reached out the spoon to his mouth again, “Can you eat the porridge now? It has cooled down. ”Ernest was rendered speechless. He looked at her in astonishment, “Why don’t you leave?”