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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 426: WIFI Decoder

After bidding Collin farewell, Florence went back to her bedroom. Then she pulled out the new phone that Stanford gave her earlier. Recalling the phone number, she called Ernest. It had been such a long time, but she hadn’t replied to Ernest’s messages. She was sure that Ernest must be quite worried about her. Hence, she decided to give him a call, asking him if he was doing fine. “Beep. ” After a slight sound, her phone was hung up automatically. Florence was confused. She thought that it was because of the signal interrupt, so she dialed the number again. However, after a short while, the call was disconnected automatically again. She wondered what happened. Why couldn’t her calls be connected? In confusion, Florence tried to find the problem. In shock, she found that there was no signal on her phone here. The mobile signal was always good in her room. She wondered why suddenly it was missing. With a frown, Florence went out of her room with the phone in her hands. She lifted the phone and wandered around the backyard, but the signal was still missing. Besides the signal, her WIFI was gone as well. Florence had a bad hunch. She went out of the yard and wandered around, but there was still no signal. She stopped a maid passing by and said anxiously, “Excuse me. May I take a look at your phone, please?” “Little Miss, what do you want?” The maid hesitated, looking at Florence on alert. They had heard what happened in the living room earlier, so she knew that Madam had smashed Little Miss’s cell phone in public. Florence was a bit speechless. Judging from the maid’s eyes, she felt that the maid was afraid she would snatch her phone. “I just want to take a look if there’s a signal here. ” It wasn’t until now did the maid relax. She handed her phone to Florence. Meanwhile, she said, “Little miss, all the signals here have been shielded. We don’t have any signal on our mobile devices. ” “What? Are the signals shielded? Why?” Florence gaped. She looked down at the maid’s phone. Sure enough, there was no signal either. After a hesitation, the maid answered in a low voice, “It’s Madam’s order. All the mobile signals and networks in this yard are gone from now on. Little Miss, please don’t. ” The maid didn’t finish her words, but her implication was quite obvious. She hinted at Florence to quit fighting against her mother. It would be useless

It could decode the WIFI signal shield. You can connect to WIFI with it. ” Upon hearing it, Florence understood that it meant she could use the Internet with this decoder

. She asked in surprise, “For real?”As she asked, she took over the thing and checked it on. It was a white small thing with a round shape, on which there was just a button. There was no user manual at all. Florence didn’t know how it worked. “We don’t have the signal at home recently, but Collin was restless. He got this thing from somewhere. When he was changing the dressing for me, I saw it, so I stole it from him. ”As she spoke, Tammy pressed the button three times, “You can turn it on in this way. The signal would cover a three-meter area nearby it. ”Although it only covered a three-meter area, if she kept the distance, Florence didn’t think others would notice that she was using the WIFI. Joyfully, Florence turned on her cell phone and finally found a WIFI for the very first time in the past several days. When she was about to link to it, suddenly she thought about something. She asked hesitantly, “Is this decoder the same as the decoding WIFI software on the Internet? If I connected through it, it would show on PC. I’m afraid my mother would know it when she checks. ”Tammy shook her head to deny, still pressing the small ball into Florence’s hands. “Little Miss, please rest assured. This one is high-tech. It wouldn’t be shown on PC. ”Florence didn’t expect that it was so advanced. Looking at Tammy’s affirmative face, Florence also realized that since Collin was using it, it should be quite good. Hence, she rested assured. Immediately, she connected her phone to the WIFI. After leading a life as an isolated cave human for several days, Florence felt so grateful when seeing the WIFI on her cell phone. Immediately, she downloaded the WeChat app and registered a new ID using the current cell phone number. Her ID was “zuoxiaqu”. It sounded the same as “keep going” in Chinese. No matter how difficult it would be, she would insist on being together with Ernest. Even if she needed to climb mountains and cross the seas, she must be with him. After the new ID was done, Florence searched Ernest’s phone number to find him on WeChat. Watching her aside, Tammy said delightfully, “Now, you can get in touch with Mr. Hawkins finally. You don’t need to worry about him without knowing anything. ”Florence was overjoyed. She hadn’t got any news about Ernest in the past few days. Only God knew how much she panicked and missed him. She wanted to know if he was safe and sound, and so did she want to look at his face and hear his voice