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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 390: Will You Behave Yourself Only When I’m Holding You

Ernest looked at the back of the living room. Behind the garden that could be seen from the French window, the tower was there. He believed that probably Florence was still on it. He pressed his lips. His voice became softened for some reason. “Now I know that she needs me actually. ” If she didn’t need him, he was willing to let her go. Now since she needed him, he would chase after her without any hesitation. Victoria stared at Ernest, feeling touched. The more she looked at him, the more she liked him. Ernest’s care and love for Florence made her decide to give him another chance. “If you meant what you said, I can give you another chance. But we won’t force Flory. She should make her own decision,” said Victoria in a light tone. Upon hearing it, Stanford gaped. “Mom! How could you agree with him?” Ernest hadn’t shown up for a long time. How could his mother agree with him so soon? Did she mean to let go of Ernest? Stanford wondered if his mother had lowered her standards because Ernest was super handsome. Victoria shook her head and said in a gentle tone, “Stanny, let’s allow Flory to deal with this matter herself. It’s not right for her to continue hiding. ” “But. ” Stanford was still reluctant. “If he could win Flory’s heart back, it means they are destined to be together. For the sake of Flory’s happiness, we shouldn’t part them,” Victoria tried to convince her son with a smile. Stanford was an excellent man. He could do everything perfectly. However, one thing had been bothering his parents a lot - he never fell in love. Since he was young, he had never shown any interest in women. Hence, in this matter, he couldn’t understand what Victoria was thinking about, and nor could he understand what Florence needed the most. Seeing that Victoria was so determined, Stanford couldn’t vent his anger. He glared at Ernest fiercely and looked over at Alexander, who kept silent all the time. “Dad, do you also agree?” Alexander shook his head, heaving a sigh helplessly. “Can I be against your mother?” Stanford was speechless. He had forgotten that in such family businesses, his father only obeyed his mother. Ernest breathed a sigh of relief inwardly. He slightly bowed at them and said politely while not humbly, “Thank you so much, Uncle and Aunt. ” Only with their permission could he enter their house and look for Florence aboveboard. Victoria waved at him and said, “All right

She squatted down, held her knees, and stared at the pillars in a daze. He wondered what was in her mind. She hadn’t noticed that he had come up already

. The maids, however, noticed Ernest right away. Looking at his handsome face, they exclaimed with their lit-up eyes. “The handsome man came here!” “Gosh! He looked more handsome when he gets closer. ”Florence, still lost in thought, was brought back by their exclaims. She was stunned, wondering who came up. The handsome man?Then, she recalled something. Her heart skipped a beat. She suddenly raised her head. She saw Ernest was quite close to her. Gazing at her, he was walking to her. He walked step by step, getting closer and closer. Florence’s heart jumped into her throat. Her mind went blank. She wondered if she was dreaming. How could he come here?Ernest approached Florence, slightly bent over, and reached his palm to her. He said in a deep and charming magnetic voice, “Stood up. ”Florence gaped. Looking at the man who was so close to her and hearing his pleasant and familiar voice, Florence had the real feeling, which told her that he came to her for real. He didn’t stay in the front yard quite long before coming over to find her. She wondered if he came here because of her. Seeing that Florence was motionless, Ernest frowned slightly. He directly reached out and held her arms, pulling her to stand up. His movement was aggressive and overbearing, directly pulling her into his arms. “Wow…” the maids raised exclaims of envy and jealousy around them. It wasn’t until now did they realize that this god-like handsome man came here for their little miss. Little Miss was way too lucky and happy!Florence instantly stiffed. Overwhelmed by Ernest’s familiar scent, she could feel each of her cells were trembling and uneasy. She pushed him away in a panic, “Stop it. Don’t. ”Before she could finish her words, she couldn’t help but fall aside because her legs were weakened in the numb caused by her squat. When she almost fell on the ground, Ernest acted quickly and wrapped around her waist, pulling her back into his arms. He looked down at her and said in a magnetic and ambiguous voice, “Will you behave yourself only when I’m holding you?”