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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 462: Will You Take Responsibility?

Hearing Florence’s door closed, Stanford turned his body over slowly and looked at Clarence with mixed emotion, he couldn’t utter a word. Ernest then explained, “It’s not like as you saw. ” He had seen what happened, not like that, then what? It was better not to explain, the more he explained the more awkward the situation became. Stanford put on a serious face, walked forward and grabbed Ernest’s collar. “Clarence, are you trying to deny your responsibility towards my sister?” He shouted confidently, ignoring what he saw just now where it was Florence that was being forceful. Ernest felt embarrassed, “No, I didn’t, it was her…” He shut his mouth seeing Stanford’s angry eyes. Seeing him silent, Stanford became angrier and said dominatingly, “What do you plan to do now? Will you be responsible for my sister?” Could he reject? The situation looked like a big brother forcing a weak man to marry his sister. Ernest hesitated for some time and said reluctantly. “Florence and I will try to get along. ” “Only to get along?” Stanford frowned and asked. Although Clarence was still under probation, but he noticed tremendous progress between him and Florence, she might be sleeping in his bed soon, so he had to prepare everything for his sister. He would never allow Clarence to walked away after sleeping with his sister. If he had no intention to marry her, he will stop their relation from now. “I will not do anything to Florence before we become a couple. ” As if he noticed Stanford’s worries, Ernest made a promise. Stanford hesitated for a little while, although it was not the answer he was expecting, but he could accept it. Just let them try to get along and see… “Remember what you said!” Stanford threw Ernest a threatening glance and released him. Ernest took two steps backwards and tidied up his messy hair with his hands calmly. And there was a victorious smile that appeared on his face discreetly. Even though he might appear unwilling, but everything was progressing as planned, Stanford’s attitude showed that he allowed him to be with Florence… Or even supported him to be with Florence. Without Florence knowing, Ernest had managed to convince her parents. Ernest and Phoebe stayed in the Fraser’s home as guests while Florence had been with them all the time

Florence looked at Ernest in shock and became nervous. “Don’t be affected by how delicious it looked to me, you must not eat, you are allergy to crayfish!” It was stated on the personal details that Clarence was allergic to crayfish, she was afraid that Ernest forgot. Ernest didn’t reply but took a piece of tissue and put it in Florence’s hands

. “Clean your hands. ” He said with a slight ordering tone. Florence, “…” She stunned. He couldn’t eat crayfish so he wanted her as a companion? She looked at the bowl of crayfish longingly, but she did as told, wiping her hands with the tissue. It’s alright, he couldn’t eat, of course, she should accompany him, she could not be too selfish and enjoy it all by herself. She complains and comforted herself inwardly, picked up the chopsticks to get other dishes, a peeled crayfish was put in her bowl out of sudden. Florence looked at Ernest unexpectedly and saw him picking up another crayfish and start peeling. He made it looked casual. No doubt, he was peeling the crayfish for her. Florence felt surprised, delighted and sweet, Ernest was peeling crayfish for her! “Thank you. ” She looked at him with a smiley face and pointed to the pan, “I want that big one. ” Ernest looked at her craving face lovingly and took that big crayfish. The Fraser couple witnessed the interaction between Florence and Clarence, despite not saying a word, Clarence's gentleness and love towards Florence were obvious. She nodded in satisfaction and delighted with what she saw. It would be perfect if Flory marries Clarence, nothing is more wonderful than having a meal together as a family. It was an ultimate glory to eat crayfish peeled by Ernest, Florence’s heart was filled with sweetness and had eaten a lot. But she didn’t know what was waiting for her behind that delicious food