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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 613: Wishful Thinking

Stanford paused his pace without turning around. He asked in a cold tone, “What is it?” Ernest walked to his side at an elegant pace, staring at him deeply. He said in a deep tone, “If you don’t grasp someone, she would leave you forever. ” His words were reechoed in Stanford’s mind. They stung his heart like needles, raising pain and panic in his heart. In his mind, Phoebe’s face flashed through naturally. She was looking at him with a cold and resistant look, and her eyes were quite aloof. Even she was in front of him, he felt too far away from her. She was so unreal like smoke. If he wanted to grab her, she would vanish. If he wouldn’t grab her, she would leave him. This feeling at a loss made Stanford depressed and panicked from the bottom of his heart. He could hardly deny that Phoebe meant different to him. However, he still had concerns about her. Stanford turned around. His face was like arctic ice. He pressed his lips stiffly. “For me, Florence is the only one for me to grasp, protect, and treasure. She’s the only daughter of our Fraser family, the baby I love the most. “Ernest Hawkins, think I don’t know what you are planning huh? Do you think I’ll understand you as long as I fall in love with Phoebe? So that I could forgive you and make your wish come true?” His words were quite harsh, directly exposing Ernest’s purpose. Ernest stood upright expressionlessly, looking quite calm. He didn’t deny or object. Stanford gazed at him, curling up his lips into an ironic smile. He was overflowing with anger. He said in a sharp tone that was like a thorn, “Dream on! “Ernest Hawkins, no matter if I tried to look for Phoebe, picked her up, or took care of her, that was what I should do to make up to her. However, it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t mind that she’s deceived me. “Lies are lies. She can’t be possibly forgiven. There won’t be anything between Phoebe and me. You’d better give up!” He stressed each syllable affirmatively, implying that there was no possibility to change his mind at all. In an instant, Ernest’s eyes became deepened. In Florence’s room, the lights were out. Darkness blanketed the room. Under the moonlight from the out of the window, two figures were lying on the bed, shoulder-by-shoulder

I’ll be with him only in my life. “If they still don’t agree, I won’t give up, either. If the worst comes to the worst, I won’t get married in my life

. ” Marriage was most women’s dream and where they belonged in their lives. Florence dreamed that she could get married to Ernest. However, if her bridegroom wouldn’t be Ernest, the marriage meant nothing to her at all. If she wouldn’t be permitted to marry him, she would spend her whole life waiting for it. Phoebe gaped at Florence. Her heart hammered as if it was hit by something. She envied Florence for her courage and determination. Florence was so fearless, wanting to be with her beloved man persistently. Phoebe couldn’t help thinking about herself. She even didn’t have the right to love Stanford. Her heart was covered with unspeakable sadness and sorrow. Phoebe smiled helplessly. Pressing her cheeks in Florence’s shoulder and heaved a sigh. She mumbled, “Flory, I envy you so much. ”Even the way in front of Florence was quite difficult, but her heart was bright and determined. Florence reached out and rubbed Phoebe’s hair. With a smile, she said, “Why do you envy me? If you envy me for having such a good boyfriend like Ernest, you can also have one. ”Her brother was truly an excellent man as well. Besides, Phoebe fell in love with him at very first sight. Phoebe shook her head. She said joking, “A boyfriend for myself? When I thought you were dead, I was enlightened and ready to become a nun. ”“What?”Florence turned around excitedly. In the dark, she glinted at Phoebe. She asked uneasily, “Phoebe, when you stayed and practiced in the temple, did you plan to become a nun?”Before Phoebe arrived, Ernest told Florence about her current status. Hence, Florence knew that Phoebe had been reciting scriptures and praying in a temple, leading a life like a nun. However, Phoebe hadn’t become a nun yet. She used to be a free and uninhibited woman. Florence had never expected that she would become a nun for real. Then Florence realized that Phoebe’s character had changed a lot after she came back. She was quite down and quiet as if her whole body was covered by a layer of sorrow. In her current status, it was pretty easy for her to become a nun indeed