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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 311: Wishing this Moment Last Forever

It was quiet in the room of darkness. With the sound of the steady breath, it seemed everyone was sleeping soundly. At midnight. Ernest slowly opened his eyes. Looking at the darkness, he hesitated for a moment. He slightly sat up and saw the muddled woman on the sofa through the darkness. She was sleeping soundly. In the past two nights, he couldn’t sleep tight because of the injury. Sometimes, he was thirty, and he would ask the nursing worker to pour the water for him. However, it was Florence taking care of him tonight. He paused for a bit, then lifted his quilt gently without any hesitation, ready to get off from the bed. However, as soon as he moved, the woman muffled, “What’s up?” As she spoke, Florence got up from the sofa immediately. In the dark, she walked to Ernest. Seeing that Ernest had sat up, she immediately stood in his way. “Are you going to use the bathroom?” In the dark, they couldn’t see each other’s face clearly, but Ernest gazed at her outline. He was quite surprised. “Haven’t you fallen asleep yet?” “Yes, I have. ” Florence shook her head, wondering if she should turn on the light. Ernest asked again, “How come you woke up, then? I remember you always sleep like a log. ” “You are injured. I dare not to sleep too soundly,” Florence answered quite naturally as if that was what she ought to be. However, her answer shook Ernest’s heart. He looked at the woman in front incredibly. He wondered if it meant that she cared about him. Noticing that Ernest kept a long silence, Florence panicked. “What happened? Are you feeling not well? I’ll call the doctor over right now. ” As she spoke, Florence was ready to trot out of the ward, but her wrist was grabbed by his big and thick hand. She was taken aback. Ernest stared at her in the darkness and said in a deep voice, “I’m just thirsty. ” Florence breathed a sigh of relief. As long as he didn’t feel any pain. Immediately, she said, “A moment, please. I’ll pour the water for you. ” Shortly, Florence poured a glass of warm water from the mini-kitchen. She had put some water in the thermos cup in advance, which could keep the water warm for twelve hours. When she poured the water, the temperature was just good for drinking. Standing beside the bed, she handed the water to him and said, “Let me know whatever you want to do. Don’t get off from the bed by yourself. ” She wondered if he would stagger over to look for the water in case she hadn’t woken up just now

” Florence didn’t dare to move immediately. Her heartbeat sped up. In her position, she almost could hear Ernest’s heartbeat, which was steady and powerful

. However, it sounded a bit faster than usual. She thought probably it was she herself was too tense that her heart was hammering, so she also mistook that his heartbeat sped up as well. With her blushed face, she lowered her head as if she were a cooked shrimp. She felt more nervous and panicked than any time before when Ernest was holding her. However, she felt more satisfied and loving. Seemingly that she had never hated his embraces. Now, she liked to get close to him. She wondered if that how the intimate lovers were. Florence was lost in her messy thought, and Ernest was the same. He had planned to keep his distance from her and cut ties with her. However, when he saw her standing next to the bed under the low temperature, he couldn’t help but have taken the action out of control. Embracing the petite body in his arms, he felt like going nuts. Obviously, he was having self-abuse and playing with fire, challenging his fragile self-discipline, but. with her in his arms, he was unwilling to let go of her at all. He convinced himself that let he hold her once again tonight. In the dark, silence blanketed the ward. Both of them were holding and warm up each other, and their hearts hammered. Knowing that Ernest was seriously injured, Florence didn’t have the guts to move at all in Ernest’s arms, afraid that she would touch his wounds accidentally. However, she was afraid that he would still feel cold. After all, the immune system of some injured patients would become weaker than usual, so they usually would feel cold. If he couldn’t be kept warm, probably his injury would become worse. She asked in a soft tone as if she was murmuring, “Are you still cold?”“No, I’m not. ” Ernest’s voice was pretty low. Florence finally felt relieved. Hesitating for a moment, she carefully moved her arms and wrapped them around Ernest’s waist. His body shook violently. With a deeply blushed face, Florence explained, “You’ll feel warmer in this way. ”It was as warm as hot lava flowing through his heart, making him almost lost control. Her care for him and the initiative that she took was more like a deadly poison to him. With a tightened body, Ernest didn’t speak anything else. Only God knew how much he wished to press Florence into his arms deeply and made her into his bone and flesh so that she wouldn’t be able to leave him again in her life. The man’s embrace was warm and his familiar scent made her feel secure. With her hammering heart that seemed like a hopping bunny, Florence gradually fell asleep. While she was sleeping, she seemed to have a sweet dream. In her dream, she wished that the moment would last forever and ever.