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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 368: Would Florence Be Here

Two days after the birthday banquet. Lord Wendell was standing in his castle, looking quite solemn. “Have you found out all his spies?” “Yeah, we found all of them out. I’ve never expected that one of them was an old man who has been working here for decades. If we didn’t do the investigation carefully, we wouldn’t suspect that man at all. ” The butler looked quite serious, still fearful when reporting. “I wonder how that Ernest has done all of them. He’s so young but he has such tough means. We have never been in touch with him before, but his spies are here. I’m afraid he has his spies all over the world. ” If it weren’t that the Fraser family was always isolated and careful, and the way of going back was quite confidential, the butler believed that Ernest would have probably found out where the Fraser family was. At the thought of it, he felt that it was so close. Upon hearing it, Wendell said with a sigh, “No wonder he is Jennifer’s son. Although he didn’t grow up in the Turner family, his means are quite competent comparing to those of the members from the the Turner family. ” “Indeed, if he were in the Turner family, I’m afraid he would be. ” “Stop it!” Wendell suddenly interrupted the butler. With a nervous and solemn look, he said, “Only you and I know that he is the grandson from the Turner family. In the past, Jennifer escaped from there, so the Turner family thought that she had died already. They would never expect that she has a son. If Ernest’s background was known by the Turner family, I’m afraid there would be huge trouble. ” The butler immediately shut up. Also, they were from the Fraser family, the Turner family was also another powerful one. They would never be willing to get involved in such a complicated family and trapped in the mire. Wendell walked forward for a few steps, his fingers fumbling for something on the wall. “Are you sure you’ve arranged everything well? I don’t have much time left. I have to set off to the Fraser family immediately. ” The butler nodded. “Yes. I’ve told the public that you have got a cold and need to rest in bed for a half-day. I’m the only one serving you. Nobody is allowed to come closer to this door. Even if they felt something strange, they wouldn’t know where we’ve gone. ” They only needed a half-day to go through the secret path. As soon as they arrived at the appointed place to meet, Ernest wouldn’t be able to find him at all. “All right. Let’s hit the road. ” As soon as finishing his works, Wendell reached a button and pressed it. The wall in front of them cracked, and a passage with stairs was shown. Under the stairs, there was a concrete road, on which there was an automatic suspension car. Looking at the car, Wendell said, “I haven’t left my castle through this secret path for so many years. Unexpectedly, when I’m seventy, I’ll experience such a spy game. ” Back then, someone used to hope to find the Fraser family through Wendell, but Wendell had left his castle through this underground path and went back to the Fraser family

Probably he would be meeting her pretty soon. At the thought of that woman who had vanished from his world without saying bye, Ernest pressed his thin lips, his eyes deepened with a threatening look. He would definitely teach her a lesson

. Ernest watched everything. Wendell boarded another ship unconsciously. He had even left his butler and boarded alone. The ship was moving very fast, and in a very short time, it had already gone to another sea area. Hence, Ernest abandoned the ship, following it in the helicopter. The ship circled for a long time. Finally, it stopped next to an isolated island. Wendell was led to walk in. Timothy reported according to the messages received, “Mr. Hawkins, Wendell has already arrived the isolated island. There’s no other way for him to leave. I guess probably the Fraser family is here. ”Ernest squinted. He didn’t speak while staring at the map in his hands. He frowned deeply, lost in thought. After a long while, he said in a deep voice, “Keep on investigating. Use the drone to follow them. Find out what on earth Wendell is doing in there. ”Timothy was confused. They had arrived at the gate of the Fraser family, but Mr. Hawkins didn’t rush in there and look for Florence. He wondered if Mr. Hawkins was way too nervous when thinking that he would see Florence soon. Timothy teased his boss inwardly, feeling quite relaxed. In the past few weeks, he had personally witnessed how much effort his boss spent and how hard he tried to look for Florence. If they still couldn’t find her, Timothy was afraid that Mr. Hawkins would die of overwork. Finally, they got to know where Florence was. The only step left was to rush in and take her out. Timothy thought they finally got the hope. “I’ll do it right away. ”With a smile, Timothy walked away and started to complete the task. Sitting in the helicopter, Ernest looked deeply in the direction where the isolated island was, his eyes darkened. He pressed his thin lips tightly, and nobody knew what was in his mind. He wondered if Florence would be there for real. He couldn’t help clenching his fingers tightly.