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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 361: Would It Be Impossible

Harold hurriedly explained, “I met Florence and Stanford in the bar last night. He is Florence’s older brother. Although I didn’t talk much with him, I can tell he’s not simple. Besides, he has a strong desire for possession towards Florence. He was determined to take away her. “Just now when Timothy was arranging, he must have sensed something wrong. That’s why he changed the flight immediately and took Florence to the flight to Paris instead. ” Ernest looked as if he was in a huge shock, looking t the man on the screen in disbelief. He said in an extremely hoarse voice, “Come again? Who is he to Florence?” Harold was confused, wondering why Ernest cared about that point at this moment. Hadn’t he known that Florence’s older brother had come to City N? He repeated patiently, “He’s Florence’s older brother, the biological one. ” He was Florence’s brother. It was her brother! It wasn’t her new boyfriend! Ernest was shocked. All the depression in his heart vanished in an instant. It turned out that he had misunderstood her. It turned out that she hadn’t fallen in love with another man or been dating another man. The intimate interactions that he had seen were just because they were siblings. Ernest couldn’t help but curled up his lips into a smile, his heart full of joy. It turned out that Florence always belonged to him from the beginning to the end. Harold gaped at the smile on Ernest’s face, his expression changing dramatically. He wondered if Ernest was driven nuts by his anger because he failed to keep Florence stay. In a panic, he said, “Ernest, calm down. Although we didn’t keep Florence stay, we still have the chance. We can fly to Paris immediately. Perhaps we can catch up with her. ” “Okay. ” Ernest said to Timothy in a deep voice. “Keep an eye on the airports in Paris. Book me the earliest flight. I’ll fly over as soon as possible. ” Upon hearing the order, Timothy was stunned for a moment. Keeping an eye on the airports in Paris? Mr. Hawkins was way too capable. Although he was shocked, he still answered immediately, “Yes, Mr. Hawkins. ” Ernest didn’t stop at all. Immediately, he took a private jet and flew to the airport of Paris where Florence’s flight was supposed to land. His private jet almost landed at the same time as the flight that Florence had taken, which had received the notice from Ernest’s men before he got off. Ernest walked out of the jet and rushed over to look for Florence. The person in charge of the airport walked to Ernest in a hurry. Sweat oozed on his forehead, and he looked quite nervous. “Mr. Hawkins, I’m sorry, but we

“I’m sorry. The subscriber you dialed is power off. Please try later

. ” He only heard the cold robotic female voice from his phone. Ernest’s face fell. Harold immediately comforted him, “Probably they have just got off. Florence is still busy, so she hasn’t switched on her cell phone yet. ”Ernest pressed his thin lips and didn’t speak, staring deeply at the familiar phone number on his cell phone. Maybe it was not because she hadn’t had the chance to switch it on yet. Probably she didn’t plan to switch it on at all. Florence didn’t dodge him or escaped from him, but she suffered in City N because of her relationship with him. She had chosen to leave, so Ernest guessed that she might also cut ties with any connections to the past. He was one of them. Ernest’s heart kept sinking. His eyes were as cold as arctic ice. Although it turned out to be like this, he decided to find her out. “Go check it! Check where the Fraser family is located!”Since Stanford wanted to hide Florence, Ernest decided to find her in their house. Timothy frowned, hesitating. He said, “The Fraser family was the super powerful and wealthy family in Europe, a noble family with a long history. But they always keep a quite low profile, isolating themselves from others. There was seldom news about them outside. Nobody is certain where their family is located. It’ll be quite hard to find it out. ”“What did you say? Is Florence from that isolated noble family, the Fraser family?”Harold gaped in disbelief. When he met Stanford that night, he noticed Stanford’s strong aura. He could tell that Stanford was quite capable. Much to his surprise, Stanford was from a legendary family. There were a lot of super-rich or powerful families in Europe, but the only isolated noble family was the Fraser family. It was a legendary family that isolated themselves from society, but the whole world was afraid of them. Besides being powerful, this family was always isolated from society. They always stayed far away from the cities. In the past decades, nobody knew where they were located exactly. Timothy nodded with a solemn look, “Yes, she is. She’s the biological sister of the young master, Stanford Fraser. ”That meant Florence was the only daughter in the Fraser family, just like a princess. Harold felt that he was going nuts. “Gosh! How could Florence be from that family? If we want to find her, it would be. ” He meant it would be impossible. No wonder Stanford would have play tricks behind the matter when taking Florence away. That family never allowed their own family members to wander in the outworld