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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 282: Would You Like to Be My Girlfriend?

“Mr. Myron, how’s it?” Although Florence was quite satisfied with the skirt inwardly, she still turned around and looked towards Reynold to ask for his opinion. After all, Reynold was the designer of this skirt and she was the model for him. Reynold gazed at Florence deeply. Although he was standing three meters away from her, he felt like he was so close to her. He said gently and slowly, “Do you know the design language of this skirt?” Like there was a language of flowers, some apparel also embodied a profound message given by the designer. Florence looked down to skirt she was wearing again. She could perceive that there was a special meaning in the design of this skirt. Moreover, every detail of the skirt was exquisite and it embodied a story. But she was not sure about the profound meaning of the skirt. Florence shook her head. Reynold fixed his eyes. His lines of sights were so dedicated as if he was looking at a treasure. He said in a gentle and patient tone of voice, “It’s love. ” Florence was a bit stunned as she was surprised. Reynold continued, “Do you remember the scene when we first met each other? You were wearing a skirt like this one and accidently bumped into my embrace. Your eyes were as dazzling and pure as the starry sky and I only a glance at them is enough for me to remember them for the rest of my life. I once had a misunderstanding and thought that I could get you easily like getting those ordinary girls. But only when you refused me did I realize that you are as pure as the starry sky and the spring. ” Florence looked at Reynold dully. They were talking about the implication of the skirt, but why did he suddenly bring up their first encountered. And he was telling her about his attitude towards her and his impression of her. She hadn’t expected that he would develop such an impression of her after that ridiculous accident. “You’re like a combination of commotion and peace. Like you, this skirt is a combination of daily life and party. I combine the two irrelevant things together and it gives me a surprise. ” It surprised him and touched him, making him unable to resist its charm. Florence was a bit surprised. She hadn’t expected that Reynold’s design philosophy of this skirt was enlightened by her. Moreover, Reynold had applied it effectively. This was the most perfect combination and there was no improper or abrupt place. It only gave people endless surprise. Florence felt that this was her honor

He would then beat up Reynold. But Ernest simply opened the door a crack and then stopped. It looked like he was waiting for Florence’s answer

. Timothy felt so disturbed that even his blood was frozen. It was true that Miss Fraser didn’t like Mr. Hawkins and that she had been getting along well with Reynold recently. Moreover, she now came to Reynold’s villa. Probably the one she liked was Reynold. If Miss Fraser agreed to be Reynold’s girlfriend, it would be a total disaster. Timothy broke out into cold sweats. He put his palms together, praying that Florence would not agree to Reynold’s request. Florence didn’t know that Ernest was standing outside of the door. She looked at Reynold in astonishment and was still shocked by his confession of feelings. She had been regarded Reynold as one of her friends but she hadn’t expected that Reynold still wanted to sleep with her. To be Reynold’s girlfriend? Florence had never considered about this. Florence was in a dilemma. They were talking about this face to face, how should she refuse him that it would not hurt Reynold?Seeing that Florence was hesitating to give him her answer, Reynold became more restless and unsure. He pressed his lips together and said, “I suddenly confessed my feelings to you and this may have startled you. I understand that you may not be able to accept my confession temporarily. Florence, I won’t force you and you don’t need to give me your answer right now. You can mull over it and I will wait for your answer. I can also promise you that there will not be the other woman by my side in the future. I really have fallen for you. And I will love you wholeheartedly. ”A prodigal’s repentance for his actions is more precious than gold. Florence had been clear that Reynold was a person who would be very loyal to his lover once he was in love. She even felt jealous of the girl that Reynold loved before and thought that she would definitely be the happiest girl in the world. But she hadn’t expected that the girl was herself. Florence was in a dilemma. If Reynold confessed his feelings to her several days ago, maybe she would have no idea about what she should do. But she got an answer last night. She had uncontrollably fallen for Ernest