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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 103: Yes, I’m Very Happy

Seeing that Isabel was hard hit, Florence chuckled in a good mood, “Mr. Hawkins, you came timely. ” Sensing the harmonious ambience between Florence and Ernest, Isabel finally made sure that Ernest and Florence did not cancel their engagement; moreover, their relationship was enhanced. Her mind totally went blank. Last time when she blabbed the secret, she had offended Ernest, a big shot that was extremely powerful in City N. Would she still have the chance to reverse the situation? Isabel’s mind was full of uneasiness and panic. But after a short while, all her worries turned into reality. The fashion show was about to start. The host, who was standing on the stage, announced a thing under everyone’s witness, “To improve the proficiency and quality of this fashion show, we specially invited some experts to do a check-up before the exhibition, and found out and affirmed that the attire desired by Miss Isabel does not meet the requirements of this fashion show, therefore, she’s disqualified. ” The sound from the microphone was sonorous and it spread to nook and cranny of the exhibition hall. The audience was in an uproar and they all gazed towards Isabel. Being disqualified in the public was undoubtedly an insult to a designer. How would Isabel keep a foothold in the design circle after such a shame? Isabel widened her eyes in disbelief, not daring to believe in what she had heard just now. Her work did not meet the requirements and she was disqualified? She suddenly stood to her feet and glared at Florence with hatred. She pointed at Florence and shouted hysterically, “Is you, right, Florence? Are you framing me deliberately?” The attendees all looked towards Florence when hearing the words. Florence was also surprised that Isabel would be disqualified openly. And she was basically sure that it the man who was standing beside her was the one behind this. He was venting anger for her sake, and although the approach he adopted was a bit wicked, Florence was quite satisfied. Florence looked at Isabel without any scruples and teased, “Miss Hopkins, didn’t you hear what the host said just now? The attire you design does not meet the requirements of this fashion show and they found it out before the opening of the exhibition. Why don’t you blame yourself for this? And why do you blame me instead?” “Florence!” Isabel was antagonized. When did Florence have such a silver tongue? If she continued this topic, she would only bring more shame on herself. Nevertheless, Isabel was unwilling to accept this as she suddenly suffered such a huge humiliation. How could she get over with this matter easily when seeing the triumphant smile on Florence’s face? “Florence Fraser!” Isabel couldn’t hold back her anger and rushed towards Florence furiously. Since her career was ruined, she would not let go of Florence easily. The worst choice was to destroy them both. “Isabel, calm down. ” Grayson hastily walked forward and pulled Isabel into his embrace. He whispered in her ear, “You’re just disqualified. You still have chances to stage a comeback with me by your side

” She ran away after finishing the words, as if a pie-dog was chasing after her. Ernest glanced at Florence’s leaving back with his unfathomable eyes and gently touched his lips with his fair and slender finger. He slowly caressed his lips as if he was reliving the transient contact

. The kiss was brief and gentle, but it was quite impressive for Ernest. In the toilet, Florence washed her face with cold water for three times and finally relieved the redness and hotness on her face for a little bit. She studied her reflection in the mirror. There was still fluster and uneasiness in her eyes. She would always lose her composure in the face of Ernest and became flustered. “Oh, don’t think of it. When Gemma comes back, our engagement will also be cancelled. Hold it. ” Florence thought to herself. She then took a deep breath to calm down herself and then walked out of the toilet. When she stepped out of the toilet, she bumped into Grayson. Grayson had left the exhibition hall together with Isabel just now. Why was he suddenly here?Although Florence was confused, she still chose to ignore him and intended to walked pass him directly. “Flory. ” Grayson reached out to stop Florence. He was the one that she was familiar with and she once loved, but Florence felt quite unbearable when feeling his touch. She immediately tossed off his hand, “Mr. Russell, we’re not acquaintances. ”Seeing that Florence was trying to distance herself from him, Grayson felt very uncomfortable in heart. It was like the thing that once belonged to him was snatched by someone else. He frowned and then looked at Florence gently and softly, “Flory, why are you so cruel? We had been in love with each other for several years after all. You’re the most special one in my heart forever. ”Florence sneered sarcastically, “The one who you specially hurt, abandoned and cheated on?”She used to love Grayson wholeheartedly and they had been in love for several years. She once thought that they would naturally get married and live a happy life together.