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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 122: Yes, I’ve Broken My Promise

She took over the phone and muffled, “What’s the matter?” “Are you upset?” The man’s deep and sexy voice came over from the other end of the line. She was upset just because of him. Florence said in a deep voice, “Not really. ” He was silent for a few seconds. Ernest then continued, “Come to my office. ” “You can tell me what you want on the phone,” Florence refused without any hesitation. She wanted to distance herself from him. If others continue mistaking her as the CEO’s future wife, she couldn’t even explain it clearly at all. Ernest said in a deep voice, “It cannot be spoken. ” Florence was choked, rendered speechless. Recently she had found that Ernest was not picky but also quite troublesome. Helplessly, she could only go to the CEO’s office. Perhaps it was all because of what Shirley said just now, Florence felt that all coworkers weirdly looked at her, some respectful, some envious, and some jealous gazes. All in all, nobody took her as an ordinary coworker. Florence felt a migraine in her temples. “Knock. Knock. Knock. ” When she had arrived at the office door, Florence knocked at the door according to the company rules before walking in. Ernest was sitting behind the desk. He looked up at her, “In the future, you don’t need to knock at the door before coming in. ” She had to come back and forth so many times. If she always knocked, her hand would hurt. If she was always specially treated, she would be addicted to it. Immediately, Florence said politely, “I still should obey the rules and be polite. ” She implied that they were still in a relationship that needed them to keep polite. They were not so close. However, Ernest didn’t care about it at all. Waving at her, he said, “Come here. ” “For what?” Florence stood motionlessly. Ernest pointed the document in front of him. “Turn the pages for me. ” Turning the page again? At the thought that she was almost lured by Ernest when sitting on his lap last night, Florence would blush in shyness and anger, feeling quite uneasy. “You can ask Timothy to do that for you. ” Ernest looked up at her. “He’s too ugly. ” Upon hearing that, Timothy couldn’t but twitch his mouth corners. He didn’t do anything but still was criticized. Florence thought for a while and said, “You have so many pretty secretaries outside. You can ask any of them to come in. And they are quite professional. ” Ernest squinted, glinting at Florence with his deep eyes with passion

His hand grabbed her small hand under the desk, playing with it in his big palm. Florence flushed instantly. She said in a low voice, “Excuse me, Mr

. Hawkins. They are talking to you. ” She wanted him to be more concentrated and let go of her hand. “Yeah,” Ernest answered her naturally, still pinching her hand. As if her hand was a plaything, he pinched her palm, played with her fingers, and clenched her nails from time to time. Florence felt angry and guilty. Those senior executives were all smart ones. How couldn’t they know what Ernest and she were doing?Unable to shake off Ernest’s hand, Florence could only sit straight, trying her best to maintain solemnly. When the senior executives were reporting their work progresses, they looked at them. Inwardly, they were certain that the relationship between the CEO and Florence was indeed ambiguous -- they must be in love. All through these years, nobody had the guts or qualifications to take the position next to the CEO. Moreover, how could they not see it? Although they were reporting, the CEO almost fully focused on Florence, giving them a perfunctory. Obviously, he had the symptom of a man in love deeply. It seemed that there would be a CEO’s wife in the company pretty soon. Florence kept sitting straight. Finally, when the senior executives finished reporting and left, she breathed a sigh of relief, totally relaxed. She felt so exhausted. Earnest looked at her with a faint smile. “The employees of the company would know your identity sooner or later, my dear fiancée. ”“Aren’t we going to cancel our engagement?” Florence seriously reminded him about it while looking at him nervously. Ernest’s eyes darkened. He said firmly, “No, we aren’t. ”Florence gaped. It was the first time that she saw a person break his promise so naturally. She stood up and looked at him seriously. “Mr. Hawkins, we agreed that our engagement is fake. You can’t go back on your words and break the promise. ”“Yeah, I’ve broken my promise. ”Ernest stared at Florence, and his tone sounded solemn. “As compensation, I’m yours. ”Florence was choked, and her heart skipped a beat. She wondered if Mr. Hawkins was playing at being a rogue. Ernest stood up, his tall and strong figure standing in front of Florence as a big hill, making her under his shadow completely. He approached her, his deep eyes full of affection. “Florence, I’ll marry you. ”A fake engagement finally turned out to be a true marriage.