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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 591: You Are Being Jealous

Addison Driscoll was a smart one. He walked over quickly and crouched next to the lady while reaching out to pinch her chin and raising her head. It was quite a pretty face, but it was totally different from Phoebe. The shocked and fearful expression was even more different. Phoebe was cheerful and bubbly, she was crazy all day long, and was very brave. Stanford looked at Lisa in disgust, throwing the photos on the manager’s face. “Do you think I’m blind?” Finishing his words, Stanford immediately took out his handgun, pulled the trigger, and pointed it out at the manager’s head. Those who wasted his time, deserved to be killed. The manager was so shocked that he peed in his pants, crying out in terror, “It’s her, it’s really her, after make-up she would be exactly like in the pictures!” Stanford stopped pulling the trigger. Seeing that there was hope, the manager quickly yelled at Lisa, “Quick go put on make-up, put on the make-up that you wore for the dance gala, quick, quick!” Lisa lay on the ground trembling, and stuttered, “I, I’m scared…” She had never seen such a big scene, and such a fierce person, he even had a gun ready to kill! Just when she finished her words, a dark black handgun pointed at her temples. Addison’s voice was cool, saying, “Our Master doesn’t have so much time to be wasted by you, I’ll give you ten minutes, if you can’t come up with the make-up, all of you will die. ” “Ah… I’ll do it, I’ll do it. ” Lisa screamed in fright, hurriedly climbed up, and looked for her make-up pouch from the counter. She didn’t even care about her messy clothing, and didn’t care about the fact that so many people were looking at her, and started her make-up with trembling hands. The manager looked at her actions, worrying that she would not do it well because of her fright and it would result in a large difference. He quickly explained, “Lisa likes the face of Chinese people, so sometimes she will intentionally do a Chinese make-up, it looks like a mixed. Normally, normally… it is very popular among guests. ” Hearing this, Stanford’s eyes dimmed again. If that was the case, Lisa had a face similar to Phoebe and was using it to entertain guests… Simply by thinking of this, the hostility surrounding Stanford was scary. Lisa who was a few metres away was also affected by this aura, she was so scared that her eyebrow pencil slipped and drew a curvy line on her face. As for the others, they didn’t even dare to make a sound, trying their best to be invisible, wanting to disappear immediately and ignore their presence. Ten minutes arrived very quickly. To the people here, it instead felt like they had endured a few centuries. Lisa’s trembling hands put down her make-up tools, and she looked at Stanford tentatively, “I, I am done. ” Stanford’s cold eyes looked towards her

Florence being confessed, why was Master so disgusted, so uncaring?He hesitated for a moment, and said softly, “I think Ernest is really thoughtful, Ms. Fraser really likes it too, they really love each other. I thought after watching this video, you will agree to them being together

. ”Seeing that Florence and Ernest had gone through so much, he as a follower was also touched. He couldn’t wait to give them his blessings. But Stanford’s expression was dark, extremely ugly. His mood was also terrible. He couldn’t even find Phoebe, upset and with nowhere to vent, and seeing the sweet and blissful scene of Ernest hugging Florence, he felt annoyance. A lot of annoyance. What flowers, what balloons, what fountain, it was all a trick to get a girl. And it had managed to trick Florence this innocent girl. If it was Phoebe she would definitely not have…Stanford’s thoughts stopped in their tracks, he frowned deeply, his fury getting stronger. He was only looking for Phoebe, and worried about her safety. What kind of confession did she like, what kind of guy was she interested in, he was not concerned at all. Not concerned at all. Stanford threw the tablet back to Addison with a dark face, and walked forward in large strides. His voice was cold and low, “Go back. ”Since Ernest was now awake, he had to go back and meet him. So that Ernest didn’t use the opportunity to cheat his sister while he was away. Seeing that Ernest was so good at romantic tricks, Ernest felt that he would definitely not agree to this marriage!Addison followed behind in Stanford’s footsteps, and couldn’t help complaining in his heart. ‘Master, you can’t find Ms. Phoebe, so you’re not happy with Mr. Hawkins being successful in his quest for love, and had his lady in his arms?You are being jealous, do you know that?’