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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 647: You Are So Hot

With a slight sound, Victoria put down her glass on the table. She stood up and looked down at Ernest. She looked determined with her sharp eyes. “Ernest, Dolores is also a treasured daughter from the Fraser family. She’s excellent in everything and she could match you. From now on, I’ll let Dolores marry you. She’s your wife now. ” Upon hearing it, Dolores wasn’t surprised at all. She looked over at Ernest shyly. Her voice was tender and enchanting. “Ernest, it’s my pleasure to marry you. Since I saw you at the first sight, I fell in love with you. ” As she spoke, Dolores approached Ernest more boldly. She had put on perfume on her. When she got closer, Ernest smelt a sweet scent of the rose fragrance. The fragrance was like tinder in the wilderness. As soon as her fragrance stimulated him, Ernest felt a flame rising in his body uncontrollably. The flame suddenly surged violent, wandering around his body. In an instant, Ernest’s arms and legs became hot. All the heat gathered in his abdomen. It came so fiercely and uncontrollably. Ernest’s eyes became darkened, looking quite cold. His gaze directly bypassed Dolores and fell on Victoria. “Did you put the philter in the cocktail?’ Victoria’s expression changed a bit but she looked quite determined. She said in a deep tone, “Ernest, Dolores belongs to you now. You can do whatever to her. ” As she finished speaking, she seemed to be uneasy. Without sparing another glance at Ernest, she turned around and walked out of the study. Her tall, slender figure looked cold and determined. She was quite ruthless. Ernest frowned deeply, suppressing the heat wandering in his body. He didn’t want to delay any longer and was about to walk out. However, Dolores pounced forward. As if she had practiced countless times, she threw herself into Ernest’s arms accurately. Ernest, in whose body the heat was wandering widely, suddenly felt as if his body was about to explode. After a violent shake, he almost lost his mind, wanting to hug her. He was extremely shocked -- this drug’s effect turned out to be much stronger than he had imagined. “Ernest, what’s wrong? Do you feel not well? Your body is so hot. ” Dolores pretended as if she knew nothing. With tenderness, her finger moved from Ernest’s shoulder, Adam’s apple, to his lips. His sexy and killing thin lips make her eyes blurred in desire. She had heard about this man and seen him from afar before. He was so handsome and elegant, the most handsome and excellent man she had seen in this world. However, he was Florence’s boyfriend

Everything would happen with the flow. However-- “Fuck off!” the man roared hoarsely in anger, pushing away Dolores, who was clinging to him. His strength was so huge

. Dolores was off-guard. She fell on the sofa. It didn’t hurt, but she was too shocked to come back to her senses. Ernest had taken the strongest philter, but how could he be able to push her away?Ernest’s handsome face looked vicious with an abnormal red. His eyes were in a mess. However, he was gritting his teeth to suppress the desire in his body. His thigh was straight but stiffened. He forced himself to take a few steps back, distancing himself from Dolores. Suppressing his anger, he gazed at Dolores coldly. “I won’t touch you. Get out of here. ”Dolores gaped at Ernest as if she was looking at a monster. The philter was so strong that it could destroy a man’s reason instantly. She wondered why Ernest could still keep sobering up now. His will was so strong. Was he really a human?This kind of man had made Dolores scared but more excited. If she could become Ernest’s woman, his wife, that would be her biggest achievement in life. She seemed to like him more. Dolores lay half on the sofa. Her fair fingers fell on her collar, starting to unbutton herself. With enchanting eyes, she said in a sweet and tender voice, “Ernest, don’t make it difficult for you. I’m your woman. You can do whatever you want to me. ”She was inviting him enthusiastically. As her fingers moved, areas of fair skin were exposed with faint curves. The scene was seduction to a man, and it was deadly for a man under the drug effect. The flame in Ernest’s body became higher immediately. His reason was almost ruined. Gritting his teeth tightly, Ernest looked away, forcibly suppressing his uncontrollable physical desire. He squeezed words between his teeth, stressing each syllable, “You make me sick. ”Dolores suddenly stopped her seductive movements, stiffing. Her face looked pale, and she felt so embarrassed. It had come to this far, but Ernst still disdained her. He even disgusted her. Dolores looked hesitant, gazing at Ernest. She said, ‘Ernest, you can choose not to touch me, but neither of us could escape from here. There’s no antidote for the drug except for having sex. In three hours, if you don’t do it, you’ll die. ”