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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 444: You Aroused Me, Aren’t You Going to Solve It?

Or could it be that Ernest went out early in the morning. He would usually have a morning running. This thought seemed to be a life-saving straw for Florence. She then rushed towards outside. Florence didn’t know whether Ernest was in her small garden or in the big yard, so she could only come to her small garden first. Failing to find Ernest in the small garden, she then ran to the big garden in the yard. She had to pass through a corridor from to get to the big garden. As Florence was so anxious, she didn’t pay attention and accidently bumped onto a man’s back. His back was broad and was as hard as steel. Florence felt her forehead aching when she knocked onto his back. “Ouch. ” She stepped backward with her hands covering her forehead. Right at this moment, the man she bumped into turned around. Florence heard his low and worrying voice sounded from above her head, “Why are you running anxiously? You’re so imprudent. Does it hurt?” When speaking, the man reached out his hand towards Florence. Florence subconsciously wanted to dodge his hand, but when she looked up, she saw Clarence’s face. He was here? Florence paused and reached out to grab his hand. “Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you. ” Her voice carried a touch of grievance. Ernest felt his heart softened when seeing her acting like this. He grabbed her cold hand and curled his lips into a doting smile while flirting, “What’s wrong? We haven’t seen each other for just one night. Are you afraid that I will run away?” “Of course, you…” Florence suddenly realized what she was saying and hurriedly shut up, her face blushing. She was so anxious to look for him after separating him for one night. Wouldn’t it seem like that she was so clingy to him? But generally speaking, men didn’t like clingy women. Ernest wrapped Florence’s hand in his big pam and began to play it. He said in a gentle voice, “I would enjoy it even though you want to stay by my side for the whole day. ” Florence’s heart missed one beat. Although she was not that familiar with Clarence’s appearance, she felt sweet in heart. Flushed, Florence asked in a low voice, “What are you doing here?” “It’s time for breakfast

“Ahem. ” A woman’s soft coughing sounded from not far away. It sounded like a thunder and pulled Florence, who had a muddled mind before, back to reality

. Someone saw them!She was kissing deeply with Clarence!Florence was startled that her whole body tensed up. Flustered, she pushed Ernest away and looked towards the source of the voice. Then she saw Phoebe leaning against the wall with a casual posture and looking at them with a meaningful smile on her face. She reminded them, “Some maids are coming over. Even if you’re both sexually arose and find it hard to suppress it, you have to control yourself. ”Her blatant words made Florence blush. Annoyed and embarrassed, she shot a glance at Ernest and said to Phoebe in an extremely low voice, “Don’t talk nonsense. ”Control themselves? What was Phoebe talking about?With her arms crossed in front of her chest, Phoebe joked smilingly, “Is it nonsense? Look at his eyes? Apparently he’s not sexually satisfied and he wants to do you right away. ”Florence subconsciously looked towards Ernest and her eyes met with his unfathomable eyes in the air. There was a touch of sexual desire that she was quite familiar with in his eyes. He kissed her just now…Florence’s face became redder and her heartbeat accelerated as if it was about to jump out of her chest at the next moment. She didn’t dare to look at him and wanted to walk pass him. But Ernest suddenly reached out to grab her arm. His tall figure approached her and he whispered in her ear, “You aroused me. Aren’t you going to solve it?”Solve it? They were on the corridor now and Phoebe was here. Moreover, some maids were on the way here. How was she going to solve it?Feeling shy, Florence stepped backward and squeezed out several words with difficulty, “I… I… It’s not the right time. Please… please endure it for a while?”Ernest was amused and curled his lips into a smile. He continued, “Endure it for a while? Are you going to solve it later?”Florence felt like even her body was burning. She looked like a cooked shrimp at the moment. How embarrassed it was! Why was he so persistent in such a matter?But Ernest didn’t intend to let go of her easily. He leaned closer to her and asked in a low, charming voice, “Ehn?”Florence felt her legs feeble. She was so shy and flustered. What was worse, she heard some footsteps and it sounded like they were walking to them. The footsteps were rhythmic and she knew that the maids were coming. If they saw her and Ernest’s appearances, there might be some troubles…