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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 95: You Can Take off Your Clothes Now

Gemma hoped that Ernest could press it for her but Florence was here, she felt embarrassed to say it out. So, she had to settle for the other choice, “Florence, can you help me to press it?” “Ok,” Florence replied without hesitation and walked toward Gemma. However, Collin said, “You can’t go. I have arranged a body check-up for you now. ” Florence was choked; she thought that Collin was planning something deliberately. She kept a polite smile, “My body check-up can be arranged later. ” “She has to undergo the body check-up for five hours. I don’t have much patience to wait for you,” Collin’s tone implied her not to argue with him. Florence was in a dilemma. Gemma showed joyful sights and looked at Ernest with gentleness, “Ernest, I have no choice. Can you help me to press it?” All she wanted was her naked body being seen by Ernest. She was confident that her body shape was alluring, any men who saw her body would have lust on her. Even if Ernest were indifferent, her body would leave some unforgettable impression in his mind. Gemma was looking forward to that but Ernest said coolly, “Timothy will press it for you. ” Gemma was stagnated, it was so embarrassing. “Ernest, we grow up together since young. I treat you as my friend and trust you to press it for me. But I don’t know Timothy well, if he stays here, I will feel…embarrassed. ” “It is just a treatment,” Ernest did not change his expression and his tone was so firm that did not allow any objection. Gemma froze her heart, she wanted to say something but when she looked at his indifferent expression, her words stuck in her throat. They grew up together since young, she knew him well, she knew that he was firm with what he said. If she argued anymore, she was afraid that Ernest would detest her. “…Ok,” After staying silent for a while, Gemma could not help but say it out. Her pretty eyes were slightly red; she looked so wronged that broke others’ heart. Florence looked at Ernest surprisingly, ‘Why he allowed another man to see her girlfriend’s body?’ This man was so heartless. Collin was discontented too. Initially, he wanted to stay Ernest here but he did not expect that Ernest was so indifferent. ‘How could he not care about pretty Gemma and only wanted to follow Florence?’ Timothy was uneasy, his ears were slightly red

It looked so dangerous. Florence swallowed her saliva; she held her clothes tight subconsciously. “Mr, Mr

. Hawkins, can I do it by myself?”“You don’t know how to do it,”Ernest took it for granted when he said. Florence hesitated. She wanted to leave at the moment, it was a treatment for Gemma and not much related to her. Why she stayed here?“You close your eyes, don’t look at me,”Florence turned her body to face Ernest with her back, she could not help but move her small hand to unbutton her clothes. It was so embarrassing. Ernest curved his lips when looked at her movement. He walked towards her and said alluringly, “Just take your time. ”Florence stopped her movement instantly, her face was extremely flushed. Why this kind of feeling was like she was keen to take off her clothes for him to see?Ernest walked past her and walked towards the centre of the room. He stepped on the chair. He had a height of 1. 8 meters; he was so tall that others could not even look up at him at the moment. He almost reached the ceiling. Florence was confused, “What are you doing?”Ernest did not talk, he stretched his hand and removed the lamp cover. There was a small camera inside it. When Florence saw the camera, she changed her expression and looked uneasy. Why Collin set a spy camera here?“Is he a pervert?!”She held her clothes tight shockingly. It was scary; luckily she did not take off her clothes just now. Just then, at the corridor outside the room, Collin looked at the surveillance screen, he changed his expression when he heard of their conversation. He was said to be a pervert…He was so sad that he was being misunderstood. But he did not realize that he indeed looked like a pervert at the moment he peeped at them through the surveillance screen. Ernest unplugged the camera instantly and went down the chair. He kept looking at Florence. He said with a low tone, “You can take off your clothes now. ”