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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 467: You Can’t Be Such A Playgirl

Seeing that Stanford was helping her to change the topic, Florence could finally put down the weight on her shoulders. It looked like Stanford hadn’t heard any key information. She shook her head with a pale face, “No, just a little hungry. ” “I’ve already gotten the servant to prepare some porridge, it’ll be served later. ” Stanford said gently. He had just reached the side of her bed, and at this moment, Ernest who was initially standing there swiftly let out a spot for him. Ernest pursed his lips, without saying anything, he turned around and headed out. His tall silhouette looked cold and formidable. Stanford felt a little headache, was Clarence jealous? It made sense, as a man, if the woman he liked was talking about another guy, he wouldn’t be able to take it. Stanford heaved a sigh, and turned to look at Florence, hesitating for a moment, he said with heavy emotions, “Flory, tell me honestly, who do you actually love in your heart?” Florence was stunned by his question. Of course she only loved Ernest, but in the current situation… all of them thought that she liked Clarence, and that she intended to date Clarence. As for Ernest, he was just her ex-boyfriend, ex-lover? If she said that she liked Clarence, then her brother and her parents would leave Ernest in the past, and if she wanted to get back together with him in the future it would be difficult. But if she said she liked Ernest, but here she was flirting around with Clarence, this was a difficult situation to explain to them. Florence thought about it for a while, and looked at Stanford with a gloomy face. “I think I like both of them. ” Stanford, “…” He was so shocked that he was rendered speechless. How could one’s heart be filled with two persons? Was his sister a… playgirl? “Cough, cough. ” Stanford gave an awkward cough, and told her seriously, “Flory, we live in a monogamous society now, even if you like both of them, you can only choose one to be together with. ” Florence hesitated for a second, and asked, “Regardless of who I choose, will you support me?” Stanford pursed his lips, but there was no hint of hesitation at all. With a firm tone, “If I’m sure Clarence is hundred percent sincere to you, I will support him. For others, impossible. ” The hope in Florence’s eyes faded, indeed, there was no hope for Ernest. What did she have to do so she could be with Ernest in public? Florence was troubled, but she also had no idea what Ernest was planning to do about this

In between her thoughts, Ernest with his strong and tall build had already walked in front of her, and reached out his palm, questioning in a gentleman manner. “I’ll carry you over, alright?” It wasn’t the first time he was carrying her, there were even more intimate incidents, but Stanford was here watching, and she still had to nod her head, it still felt a little embarrassing. Florence’s face flushed red, she bit her lips, “Sorry for troubling you

. ”“Taking care of you is my responsibility now. ”Ernest’s deep voice was particularly manly and attractive. He bent his body, and easily picked up Florence horizontally, he turned around and walked towards the small table. Florence felt particularly familiar being in his arms, she inhaled the light scent that belonged to him, her heartbeat racing. Watching the flirtatious atmosphere between the two of them, Stanford felt particularly comforted. As long as Florence can slowly forget Ernest, and be together with Clarence loyally, this was something good too. If her happiness can be ensured, then only can he have a peace of mind. Toxic allergy had resulted in Florence falling sick, she only managed to get off the bed to move around after a few days of lying in bed. In these days, Florence also enjoyed the company of Ernest who was at her side at every moment. Sometimes she was grateful to this allergy for allowing her to be with Ernest in public, if time could stop and stay this way, she would even be willing to stay sick forever. As for the unconditional care Ernest had provided Florence with all these days, Victoria and her husband had also taken it into account. They were getting more and more satisfied with Clarence. On this day, Florence was almost recovered, when she was feeling a lot better, she went downstairs to eat together with her family. The atmosphere was friendly on the dinner table. Victoria liked Ernest, and his relationship with Phoebe was also getting closer. Florence really liked this atmosphere, and her appetite became great, she picked up her chopsticks, and reached out for her favourite spicy chicken cubes. But before her chopsticks managed to pick up the chicken cubes, she was blocked by a pair of chopsticks that came out of nowhere. Surprised, Florence looked at the owner of the chopsticks, “Cousin, what are you doing?”Their actions also caught the attention of the whole table.