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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 364: You Don’t Deserve to Know It

“Yes, it’s my fault truly. I felt quite bored and annoyed while being locked up at home. I vent my waves of anger on my maids. But, Ernest, no matter what I’ve done, my love for you has never changed. ” With red eyes, Gemma walked to Ernest. “Now you came to see me. Does it mean that you’ve forgiven me for the sake of our relationship before? Ernest, I don’t want anything else. I just want to go back to where we used to be. I promise that I would never make such mistakes I’ve made again in the future. ” As she spoke, Gemma reached out to touch Ernest with hope. However, he dodged. Ernest creased his brows, looking at her in disgust coldly. “Gemma Marlon, I came to you, not for the sake of our relationship in the past. ” Ernest dodged Gemma and took a few steps backward. He stood outside the door directly. He looked quite disdained as if he felt quite disgusted when breathing the air in her room. Gemma’s hand was stiffened in the mid-air. Her face turned pale. She had grown up with Ernest since childhood. She had loved him for so many years, so she knew him very well. His look proved that he truly disgusted her. She guessed that probably she was more disgusting than the homeless on the roadside to him now. Ernest looked at Gemma coldly, giving her an order while stressing each syllable, “For the seventy-year-old birthday banquet of Lord Wendell, I want you to be my date to attend it. ” Gemma was stunned for a moment. Then she reacted slowly and realized that Ernest didn’t come for her because of their friendship in the past. Instead, it was because he wanted to attend Lord Wendell’s seventy-year-old birthday party. Lord Wendell always kept a low profile and he stayed in America. He hadn’t had any contact with the Hawkins family before. It was all because Gemma used to know him, so she got an invitation from him. Lord Wendell had retired already and he wasn’t so powerful as he used to be, which seemed to be useless to Ernest. Gemma couldn’t help but wonder why Ernest would put his effort to meet Lord Wendell. Besides, he planned to visit Lord Wendell through a formal occasion, which would bring Wendell a lot of honors. She wondered if Ernest was seeking any help from Lord Wendell. What could Lord Wendell help Ernest with? Gemma’s brain worked pretty fast, but she couldn’t figure out an answer. She asked directly, “Why do you want to meet him? I want to know the reason. ” “You don’t deserve to know it. ” His cold reply didn’t care about her dignity at all. Ernest said in an extremely heartless tone, “Gemma Marlon, get ready and go to America with me. If you’ve done it well, I can let you live

Was he afraid that she would play any tricks before visiting Lord Wendell? Gemma couldn’t help but feel heartbreaking. Ernest didn’t know -- as long as he wanted her to help him, she would fully cooperate with him. She had never wanted to harm him

. That car accident was just an unexpected event out of her control. “Okay. Then I’ll get fully prepared for the birthday banquet. Bring me the most beautiful and the most valuable jewelry. I’ll attend the banquet as Ernest’s date for the first time. I must be pretty enough to stun the whole banquet. ”In the car. Two days passed by in a link. In America. In the old and luxurious castle, it was quite lively now. Cars were driven in one after another. All the famous nobles from the world got off from them. They were all invited to attend the seventieth birthday banquet of Lord Wendell. A high-end Rolls-Royce arrived. The usher pulled the door of the car open. A man’s leather shoes landed. Then he walked out of the car. Instantly, he became the focus of the scene. With his straightened figure and handsome face, he emanated the charm that stunned others and gained women’s hearts. “Who is he? He’s so handsome!”“This is also my first time seeing such a handsome man. It seemed that he was from China. ”“He had an outstanding temperament. He must be quite famous in China. ”All the attended guests stopped, discussing in low voices. All the women’s gazes were glued on him. If it weren’t for the concern of their public images, they would have pounced at the man, asking him for his phone number. Countless women had made up their minds in secret. Later in the banquet hall, they would definitely talk to this man. If they would take the opportunity to hook up with him, it would be the best. No one was willing to let go of such a handsome man. They suddenly felt that it was worth attending this birthday banquet. Under women’s hungry gazes, Ernest looked quite indifferently. His cold and elegant gaze didn’t fall on anyone.