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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 87: You Don’t Want to Take Responsibility?

Ernest curved his lips secretly when looking at her dumbfounded look, a touch of gloominess flashing across his eyes. He said with a hoarse voice, “Still want?” ‘What does he mean?’ Florence was flushed and moved her head away hurriedly. She felt uneasy, “Yesterday was a mistake, you don’t have to mind so much. ” She did not know what happened to her last night; she rushed towards Ernest madly and was eager to have sex with him. Ernest showed a dull sight, his tone was unpleasant. “Mistake? You don’t want to take responsibility?” He straightened his body while talking; he moved his tall silhouette towards Florence. He looked like a burning mountain. She could observe his body clearly; there were purple marks everywhere on his strong muscle. It showed how intense the situation last night, she was so crazy. Florence did not dare to see, she felt so embarrassed. Ernest approached Florence gradually; she could feel the sense of danger in his deep eyes. “I’m not used to suffer losses; I will take revenge on what people have done to me. ” ‘Take revenge?’ ‘How is he going to take revenge in this kind of matter?’ She could feel a strong sense of hormone; it raised the hotness that left in her body. Her body felt abnormally uneasy. She was panicked, she knew what he implied. But… “Mr Hawkins, I’m wrong, don’t scare me. ” Florence looked at Ernest pitifully, her face showed a nervous expression but not pertaining to sex. Although she could not control herself last night, she remembered everything clearly. Although she behaved like that, Ernest let her soak in cold water all night and did not touch her at all which meant that he did not have an interest in her to have sex. He had his own principal in this matter at least. ‘Or probably she…is not charming enough; he does not have an interest in her. ’ No matter how, she believed that he would not touch her. Florence was so bold. She pulled the blanket and covered Ernest’s shoulder. She covered his terrible marks and said sincerely, “Mr Hawkins, I will make up for you. I will try my best to do anything for you if it does not harm others. ” Ernest did not bother her words; he looked at Florence with deeper sights. The lust that was controlled by himself for a whole night came into life again

There were a few purple marks on his collarbone. Everyone knew how the marks made. In addition, he had mentioned tired during last night, everyone got his meaning clearly and instantly

. Georgia looked at Florence with lovely sights, her tone was doting. “You should rest more if you’re tired. There are not many rules here, both of you can play until midnight and wake up late. ”Florence’s face was flushed when she looked at Georgia’s affectionate sights, she was so embarrassed. ‘She did not do it purposely last night…’Georgia stood up and said smilingly, “Florence, go and have your lunch now. I have asked the steward to prepare a lot of tonic soup for you. She froze for a while and smiled amiably while looked at Florence and Ernest, “Both of you should take care of your body. ”Florence was speechless; she felt that she could not explain everything clearly at the moment. Ernest bit his lips and revealed a faint smile. Then, he held Florence and walked toward the restaurant. Brianna showed a bad expression when she saw them being inseparable. She was so furious. She would never allow Ernest and Florence to be together successfully!She overheard the conversation between Georgia and the steward; she knew that if Ernest wanted to inherit the property of the Hawkins’ family successfully and held his position stably, it was important for him to marry Florence. Their marriage was crucial, if Ernest did not marry Florence, he would be hurt. Or else, if her son married Florence, her son would have the opportunity to inherit everything. Brianna had started to plan something. The steward had prepared a lot of tonic soup indeed. There were at least six soups on the dining table. Florence was a bit shocked when she looked at the soup. She remembered that when she went to his house for the first time, Ernest had told her that the soup sent by the steward at midnight was served to nourish body. She did not dare to drink at that time. Last night, she ate together with Georgia; she drank two bowls of soup. After that, she felt so hot that she could not control herself at night and did something crazy to Ernest…Florence thought of something and approached Ernest, said with a soft voice, “Mr Hawkins, can we drink these soup?”Ernest smiled and whispered to her, they looked so intimate