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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 175: You Have a Fever?

“Ernest, what’s wrong with you?” Completely not caring about Ernest’s warning just now, Charlotte looked at Ernest with a worried face. Seeing an abnormal redness gradually appeared over his handsome face and beads of sweat still appeared on his forehead, her eyes flashed triumphantly as if she had successfully schemed against him. The things she used started working! “Ernest, are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere? You don’t look well. ” Charlotte’s boldness also became greater. She reached out her hand and tentatively grabbed Ernest’s arm. She could immediately feel that Ernest’s arm was stiffening. His muscles were solid and so strong that she was touched. After touching one place, she greedily went to touch more. Both of her hands were almost put on Ernest’s arm. Ernest instantly understood that he was tricked by what kind of trick. He was suppressing it but at this moment, Charlotte’s hands touched him, which instantly made his entire body stiffened. Cold perspiration started dripping from his forehead. His voice was unusually coarse. “Get lost!” “Ernest…” Charlotte’s tone became gentle and coquettish. Her body even pressed on Ernest’s back and her hands moved forward to embrace Ernest. “Ernest, I’m also uncomfortable. My body feels like it’s going to burn up. You help me, help me…” Ernest’s body stiffened so much that his instinctive mania almost crushed his sanity into slag. “I want…want you…” Charlotte’s voice was even more unbridled. Her hands casually and eagerly took off Ernest’s clothes. His neat and tidy shirt instantly became messy. Ernest felt exceptionally disgusting. He loathed any woman other than Florence. “Get lost. ” Ernest gave a low heave and used almost all his strength to slightly push Charlotte away. His legs were so weak that it was difficult for him to even take a step forward. But Ernest did rely on his willpower and walked out step by step with difficulty. Charlotte was immune to perfume but in order to be successful tonight, she had also drugged herself. At this time, her entire body felt very uncomfortable too. And what she really did not expect was that, in such a situation, Ernest could surprisingly still push her away! She had quietly found the boss to buy this perfume. She heard that it was very efficient in which even a cow also could be severely drugged, became delirious and only wanted to do that thing

Hawkins, what’s wrong with you…” Florence hurriedly got out of the bed and wanted to go over to help him. But when she just approached him, she was pulled and embraced by him. His thin lips went down and he kissed her without allowing her to utter a word

. It was domineering and eager. Florence was shocked and surprised. She totally did not know why Ernest, who had always been a gentleman, suddenly became like this. But rather than the reason, the more urgent thing was his domineering intrusion. She felt the danger. “Hmm…”Florence was very jittery. In a panic, she pushed Ernest away and to her astonishment, Ernest seemingly did not have any strength as after he was pushed, he had taken a few steps backward. He continuously took several steps back and his tall body slammed into the wall before he could stand properly. Florence was even more panicky. Ernest’s such look showed that there must be something wrong with him. “Mr. Hawkins, you’re drunk is it?”Florence carefully approached him but she did not smell any wine smell on his body. But, his dangerous expression was a hundred times more dangerous than that of last time when he was drunk. “Florence. ”Ernest leaned against the wall and barely stood still. He stared at Florence and his eyes were extremely dark. His low and deep voice showed that he was apparently trying hard to restrain something, “I feel uncomfortable. ”These three words were spoken in a low tone and his emotions were revealed entirely. This made Florence’s heart throbbed wildly. Ernest was such an arrogant and high-status person, when did he ever give in to someone?But at this moment, he was like a person in desperate need of help who even requested help from her. Looking into Ernest’s eyes, Florence was apparently compelled as she subconsciously moved closer to him. “What’s wrong with you? I’m worried about you, do you need me to call a doctor?”As Florence said softly, she reached out to touch Ernest’s forehead. It was hot!It was hot like a fire!She exclaimed, “You have a fever?”Ernest grabbed her hand and rubbed it slowly in his palm. The dark light in his eyes was sparkling as if the restrained emotions might break apart at any moment. “Florence, I feel uncomfortable. ”