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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 366: You Know It

Gemma knew Ernest’s purpose of coming here -- he came here for Wendell. Although she couldn’t figure out what his purpose was, she knew it was the time for her to behave well. Instantly, she smiled and said, “Ernest, I’m quite close to Uncle Wendell. Come one. Let me introduce you to him. ” Ernest agreed indifferently without speaking, picking up his glass. The purpose that he brought Gemma here just because he wanted to know Wendell through her. Seeing his action, Gemma was overjoyed. It seemed that she was helping him wholeheartedly tonight, Ernest must remember her kindness. Immediately, she took Ernest’s arm gently and walked with him gracefully to the center of the hall. “Uncle Wendell, happy birthday,” Gemma walked to Lord Wendell and congratulated him in a sweet tone. Wendell saw Gemma and smiled dearly at her, his eyes full of surprise. “Oh, Gemma, it’s you. I haven’t seen you for years. You’re so grown up and beautiful. I’m stunned! I almost couldn’t recognize you. ” Gemma blushed slightly. “Thank you, Uncle Wendell. You are way too exaggerated. ” “Uncle Wendell, I want to introduce someone to you,” she added. Gemma turned to look at Ernest beside her, her eyes full of tenderness. “Ha-ha. You are shy. I guess he’s your boyfriend, isn’t he?” said Wendell jokingly. Then he looked towards Ernest. When seeing his face clearly, Wendell was in a daze instantly. His expression changed dramatically and he asked in shock, “You. Are you. ” Ernest squinted slightly. He was pretty certain that he hadn’t met Wendell before, but judging from Wendell’s expression, it seemed that Wendell knew him, or perhaps. “Uncle Wendell, what’s wrong?” Gemma asked curiously after sensing something unusual. Wendell returned to his senses, but he kept looking at Ernest up and down. After a long while, he asked actively, “My child, what’s your name?” “Ernest Hawkins,” Ernest uttered his name indifferently. Wendell was quite unfamiliar with his name, but he knew Ernest’s face from somewhere. He asked again, “Could you please tell me your mother’s name?” Ernest frowned slightly, feeling quite surprised by Wendell’s question. His mother passed away when he was quite young. She used to be quite low-key, so even seldom people in City N knew about his mother. Did this Wendell know his mother? Ernest’s breath became heavier

It’s not worth mentioning. Since we meet today, it’s our fate. If you don’t mind, you can call me Uncle as well

. ” He changed the subject, so obviously he was unwilling to continue chatting with Ernest about it. Ernest squinted. Wendell’s attitude made him believe that there must be some secret behind it. However, his main purpose of coming here today was to find Florence. He elegantly raised his glasses. “Uncle Wendell, let’s have a toast. Happy birthday!”Wendell raised his glass delightfully, gulping down the wine. He could drink the toast proposed by Jennifer’s son when he was alive. He suddenly felt that it was worth living to his seventies. He had seen all the miracles. He believed that Jennifer had disappeared back then, and it might be relevant to this child. “Ernest, you came to the US all the way to find me. I don’t think you just want to say congratulations. What can I do for you? Just go ahead and tell me,” looking at Ernest dearly, Wendell said directly. If he had thought that Ernest was Gemma’s boyfriend just now, he didn’t think so after seeing Ernest’s face. Ernest was born with the charisma of a nobleman, just like his mother in the past. He must have better taste. Also, judging from his coldness to Gemma, Wendell didn’t think they were intimate lovers. Obviously, Gemma was used as the bridge between them. If it were another man, Wendell might be a bit unhappy about it. However, it was Ernest, his old friend’s son, he was quite delighted. Since Wendell asked the question, Ernest stopped beating around the bush. He said in a deep voice, “I’m here to look for my fiancée, Florence Fraser. A few days ago, she was brought back to the Fraser family. ”“What?”Upon hearing his words, Gemma almost went nuts. She had thought about countless possibilities that Ernest wanted to meet Wendell. However, she had never expected that he came here for Florence! He came all the way here at all costs just for finding Florence. And she helped him wholeheartedly as the bridge. If she had known that he came here for Florence, she would rather die instead of bringing him here. Comparing to Gemma’s agape face, Wendell smiled. “It seems I don’t know your fiancée at all. How did you come to find me? Did you receive any wrong information?”Ernest expected that Wendell would answer him in this way. He didn’t expect that Wendell would talk to him honestly at the beginning. He pressed his lips and said in a low voice, “Yes, you don’t know Florence Fraser, but you know the isolated noble family, the Fraser family. ”Wendell’s expression changed dramatically, gaping at Ernest