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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 97: You Made Me Do This by the Hard Way

Just as he finished saying that, a man’s voice sounded from the front yard. “Collin, the three sets of bed you ordered have arrived. ” With the two beds that were already in the house, they now can have one room and one bed apiece. He really took consideration into arranging this. Ernest’s face went dim and he glimpsed at Collin coldly. He felt that something wasn’t right. He grabbed Florence’s hand and dragged her aside. Looking into her eyes, he warned, “There’s something wrong with this Collin guy. You locked the door at night and don’t come out. Call me if there’s anything. ” Paused for a moment, he added, “If you’re worried, I can stay here with you. ” Florence looked at Ernest with confusion. Wasn’t him the one being worried here? She nodded, “I won’t come out at night. ” Gemma clenched her fists while suppressing her boiling rage and jealousy. She was the one who came here for a check-up, but Ernest almost never paid attention to her and only cared about Florence. Florence was just a mediocre woman who was inferior to her in any aspect. How did she get Ernest’s affection just after a one-night stand? Grievance and jealousy were rooting in her heart. Collin looked at the whispering duo and shifted her gaze at Gemma, who’s face had already gone twisted. A hint of smirk emerged at the corner of his lips. Ernest sent Florence into her room and only left after he made sure she locked the door. Florence didn’t plan to do anything for the night and stayed in the room obediently. Just as she was about to fell asleep, her phone rang. It was Gemma. Why did she call her when she lived just next to her room? Nonetheless, Florence picked the phone up, “Hello?” “Flory, I need your help. Can you come down to the yard?” Florence hesitated, “It’s not very convenient because I had already changed into my pyjamas. Can you just tell me in the phone?” “No, it’s something embarrassing that I’m not willing to talk over the phone. Just come down, Flory. ” Gemma said in a pleading tone. Florence looked at the time and saw it wasn’t too late yet. She gave it some thoughts and agreed. She changed her clothes and went down. She saw two people standing in the living room just when she was about to went down the stairs. It was Gemma and Ernest

”“You don’t have to act tough. Men like women who are vulnerable. ”Collin suddenly took a long stride towards Florence and grabbed her arm

. He stood in front of her with his stout figure. There was a wicked smile on his good-looking face. “What about you dump that jerk since he had already cheated on you? There’re a lot of good men in this world. Like me for example, I have both the looks and wealth, and is extremely talented too. Ever think about considering me?”Florence twitched the corner of her mouth. She met a lot of narcissists but never met one who bragged about himself like this. She smiled awkwardly and tried to pull her arm out of his grip, “I’m currently not looking for a new relationship. ”“You can start looking now. ”Collin didn’t let go of her but gripped her tighter and approached her closer. The scent of drug from his body could be smelled, and his face was approaching gradually as if going to kiss her. The intimidating space made Florence fluster. She put on a long face and warned, “Behave yourself, Dr. Campbell. Or I’m going to scream. ”They were in the corridor where Ernest could hear her if she screamed at this moment. Collin stared at Florence with a gaze filled with disappointment. “You’re making things difficult for me here. ”With that said, he let go of her hand. He then turned around. Just as Florence sighed a breath of relieve and was about to leave promptly, Collin suddenly gave her a forceful push. Florence lost her balance and stumbled into Collin’s room. “Bam. ”The next second, the sound of the door slammed shut was heard. Collin approached her with a wicked look on his face. A dark eerie aura was lingering around him. “I was trying to be a gentleman. But since this is how you took it, I’ll have to do this the hard way. ”