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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 303: You Owe Me a Life

Watching Collin walking into the operating room, Georgia, who had been tensed up since she learned about the accident, finally felt a bit relieved. A glimmer of hope appeared in her heart that was clutched by despair and agony just now. “Flory, thank you for finding Collin here. I will give them a severe punishment for the things they did to you just now. ” Ernest’s relatives all looked frightened when they heard Georgia’s words. Since the matriarch of the Hawkins family had said that, they would not be able to get over with it easily. If Ernest was saved by Collin, then all those people who went hard with Florence just now would have to suffer. They were all panicked. Right at this moment, the really felt regretful and even hoped that Collin would fail to save Ernest. Brianna was extremely reluctant to admit defeat since Georgia still tried to defend Florence under such circumstance and she even raised Florence’s status. If Ernest was saved and woke up, Florence would not be driven out of the Hawkins family. What’s worse, she would become Ernest’s lifesaver. Then it would be more impossible to cancel the engagement. “Even if she finds Collin here to save Ernest, she’s just making up for her fault. Don’t forget the fact that Ernest suffers this because of this woman!” Brianna said calmly. Although it sounded like a complaint, it was actually an accusation of Florence. With that said, no matter whether if Ernest would be saved or not, Florence would not be credited with it because this was what she was obliged to do. Georgia furrowed her brows and shot a glare of dissatisfaction at Brianna, her gaze was full of intimidation. Brianna, who still wanted to say something else, could only shut up with an aggrieved look. “Flory, don’t take their words to your hard. It’s just an accident. ” Georgia comforted Florence in a soft tone, yet only to find that Florence was looking at the operating room attentively and apparently, she was not in a mood to listen to their words. She had all her focus on Ernest now. Georgia was a bit stunned when she found this. She then recalled that when they scolded Florence and even tried to beat her, she didn’t even justify for herself. It was not because she felt herself in the wrong, it was because she didn’t care about it at all. What was on her mind was only the safety of the person who was now unconscious in the operating room. Georgia felt satisfied with Florence

He coldly glanced over them, “In my eyes, Ernest is less important than Florence’s hair. I don’t mind sending Ernest back to the hell. ” His words were so aggressive and there was blatant intimidation and distain in it

. The Hawkins, who had been in clover, had never been looked down by others over the past years, and most of them were angered immediately. This Collin was really arrogant and aggressive. But he was the only one to save Ernest at present and they didn’t dare to do anything to him. Georgia, who had been living a noble and superior life, had never been disrespected by others over the past years. She was a bit stunned, but she caught the key point soon. Ernest was saved!He was all right now. Georgia finally heaved a sigh of relief. Although she was overwhelmed by extreme delight, she was the most composed one. Looking at the Florence in Collin’s arms, she asked, “What’s wrong with Flory?”“Heh. ”Collin sneered. Wasn’t it too late to express her concern about Florence now?Based on their behaviors, he would not ask the Hawkins to take care of Florence. Collin carried Florence up from the ground and headed towards outside with a cold face. His back looked aggressive, arrogant and overweening. Although they felt uncomfortable, no one dared to provoke him. On the one hand, Collin was Ernest’s lifesaver; on the other hand, he was a legend in the world. He shocked the whole world several years ago and thereafter, many powerful forces became his back-up. Although the Hawkins family was powerful, they didn’t dare to offend Collin easily,Georgia furrowed her brows tightly while looking at Collin’s back. She vaguely had a hunch that something bad would happen. Collin’s attitude made her flustered. When Georgia wanted to say something to stop him, the door of the operating room was opened again. Expect for those excited doctors, a bed was also pushed out. Ernest was lying on the bed with a oxygen mask. His handsome face looked bloodless and it looked like he was in a sound sleep.