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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 240: Your Book Is Upside Down

Timothy followed them in. He put the tray on the only desk inside the room and cast a glance at the only chair next to the desk. He said, “Ms. Fraser, please have some coffee before continuing. You’ll feel refreshed. ” Florence paused her paces. Indeed, she was not in a good mood today and she was always absent-minded. It was so rare for her to see such good books, and she couldn’t waste the good resource. Hence, Florence walked to the desk and wanted to sit down for a coffee. Much to her surprise, she only found one chair next to the desk. Reynold also followed her there. When seeing the only chair, he was surprised, too. Timothy explained calmly, “Usually not so many people would come here, so probably the staff didn’t put more chairs here. Mr. Myron, why don’t you move a chair over here from the other documentation room?” As he spoke, Timothy added, “I’ve got to go back to my work. I’m sorry for unable to help you. ” Reynold was about to say that he didn’t want to take a sit, but her words were pressed back by Timothy’s words. Since Timothy said so, if he refused to carry the chair over, he would look quite lazy in this way. In Florence’s presence, Reynold didn’t want to leave her such an impression. After all, when they first met, he showed her his playboy’s image, which hadn’t been corrected. “Flory, I’ll go get a chair,” turning around, Reynold said to Florence tenderly. Florence nodded, watching Reynold leave the room. Then she sat down on the only chair. “Ms. Fraser, I’m leaving now. ” Timothy also left the mini-library afterward. He also kindly closed the door behind him. When Reynold left the mini-library, he rushed to the other documentation room. There was a bad hunch in his mind that he didn’t think it was safe to leave Florence alone in that mini-library. He even planned to give up carrying the chair and turned around to go back. However, he had told Florence that he was going to carry the chair. If he gave up, it would be a slap in his face. Besides, he wouldn’t have a seat there. In that case, Florence wouldn’t be able to focus on reading those books upon her personality. After a thought, Reynold believed that he needed that chair indeed. When he rushed to the other documentation room, he found that the door of the room was closed. The door of the documentation room should be always open during the daytime, shouldn’t it? Reynold frowned, reaching out to twist the doorknob. However, the door was not only closed but also locked. He had just left for a few minutes. How come it was locked? Reynold recalled that Timothy was the last one who left the room. He immediately realized that it was Timothy who had done it, wondering if it was on purpose. Right then, Timothy passed by him, casting a glance at the closed door. “Mr. Myron, is this door locked? When I came out, the door was still open

Just now, she had lost her mind because of staring at him, which made her feel so embarrassed now. She immediately explained, “I. I came here to find some references

. ” “Okay,” Ernest answered, and then he looked back at his book and continued to read. It seemed that he was quite interested in the book. In the silence, Florence didn’t have the heart to disturb him. Florence wanted to ask him why he was here. However, seeing him like this, she swallowed her words back. She felt quite complicated. Ernest looked quite charming in this way, but he didn’t speak to her, which made him quite aloof. Perhaps being distant was the best. Florence comforted herself and forced to tear off her gaze from Ernest in difficulty. She turned around and started looking for her books. All books on the bookshelf were about 9Q. A lot of them were quite valuable for Florence at this phase. However, Ernest was standing quite close to her. Although he kept silent, Florence couldn’t ignore him at all. Her heart hammered uncontrollably. She couldn’t calm down at all. She just knew that she couldn’t read in his presence. Florence quickly browsed the books on the bookshelf. Then she found the books that she needed to read the most. After she found two books, the third book she wanted was in front of Ernest. She wanted to go over and pick it up, but in that case, she must speak to him and ask him to move aside. However, Ernest was reading his book so silently, Florence couldn’t disturb him. Besides, they hadn’t talk normally for so many days. After hesitating for a while, Florence decided to give up on that book first. With the other two books in her arms, she walked to the only desk in this mini-library, sat down, and started reading. However, when opening the book, she couldn’t calm down at all. Her attention would always be drawn by Ernest. She wondered why he was here. It seemed that he had never been in charge of anything relevant to design. Why was he reading a design-relevant book?Was he here for her specially? However, he didn’t seem to have the intention to talk to her. Florence’s mind was wandering. Right then, a man’s deep and pleasant voice was heard in front of her. “Your book is upside down. ”Florence was startled and looked at the opened book in front of her. Sure enough, it was truly upside down. And she had turned several pages. What on earth was she reading?Florence felt so ashamed that her face turned liver-colored. She retorted irritably, “I know!”Without raising her head, she knew that it was Ernest who was standing in front of her. He had seen such an embarrassing thing, and she even didn’t have the guts to look up at him at all