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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 339: Your Boyfriend?

After going back with her belongings, Florence went to the room that she woke up in. The room would be her bedroom from now on. It wasn’t until now did she find that all the decoration in this room was quite girlish, which was the room prepared for her deliberately from the very beginning. Florence’s eyes were slightly red. It seemed that her empty heart had something filled in. It turned out in this world, she wasn’t alone at all. There was someone still waiting for her all the time and having prepared a bedroom for her. From now on, this would be her home. Although it was an unknown place, Florence had a feeling of where she belonged, that she had never felt before. Stanford originally planned to help her tidy the bedroom, but Florence rejected him firmly. She just needed to take all things out of the suitcases. Although she was still a bit unwell, she could handle it. Besides, she needed to do something to keep herself busy. Florence opened the suitcase and put her belongings as she planned. When hanging her clothes, she was taken aback when seeing those clothes that were taken out of the suitcase. Most of them were from the world-famous brand with extremely good quality. Almost all of them were from Ernest. He used to prepare a whole cloakroom of clothes for her, which included everything, all the brands, and all styles with her sizes. She couldn’t wear them completely but she did wear some of them, which were taken in her suitcase. When she looked at them, she found Ernest’s shadow on them. What he had done for her was so nice that she still couldn’t help be moved when recalling them now. However, she believed those feelings were fake. Florence felt a sharp pang in her heart as if it was torn apart. She covered her chest, almost falling on the ground. In fact, she indeed wanted to ask him why he would be so ruthless . everything was fake, but he could have done it so carefully and nicely, making her moved and hurt. She had declared that she would marry the one she loved, but why didn’t he listen? The sharp pang in her heart made her eyes ached as well. Florence wanted to burst into tears, but she gritting her teeth tightly to suppress her feelings. No matter how heartbroken she was not, it would become her past sooner or later. If she couldn’t suppress it, how could she forget it? She didn’t want to cry for him anymore. Clenching her fists tightly and gritting her teeth, she packed all those clothes in a bag. Then she put all things that Ernest gave to her or related to Ernest together and put them in the innermost closet. In that case, those things wouldn’t be taken out at all. After Florence put all the things in the innermost closet, there were a few things left in her suitcases. She even didn’t have many clothes. She gaped, feeling bitter. It turned out that unconsciously, Ernest had already intruded her life, leaving so many of his traces

She should stop thinking about him. She took a deep breath and suppressed all her feelings. Then she opened the door of the fitting room and walked out

. As soon as she walked out, she found that almost all the salesladies of the store were waiting outside the fitting room. They were not waiting for her actually. Instead, they were surrounding Stanford obsessively. Stanford was sitting on the sofa elegantly, ignoring them. He was not annoyed. With a fashion magazine in his hands, he was reading through gracefully. Seeing Florence come out, he immediately put the magazine down and looked at her tenderly. “Beautiful!” he praised her generously. Under his gaze, Florence felt a bit shy as she was praised by an extremely handsome man. Stanford walked to her and asked gently, “Do you like it?”Florence nodded. Stanford said directly, “Pack all the clothes that she has tried on. ”“Yes, sir. ”The saleslady was overjoyed. Looking at the dress on Florence, she asked, “How about this one?”“Of course. ” Stanford nodded. Florence was about to walk back into the fitting room. “Let me put it down. ”However, Stanford pulled her to stop. “Not necessary. You should wear it. I’ll cut the tag for you. ”They hadn’t paid for this dress yet, but Stanford wanted to cut the tag. Florence didn’t think it was quite appropriate. Before she could stop, Stanford pulled out a pair of scissors from nowhere and cut the tag off from her dress directly. Florence was a bit shocked, feeling helpless. All the salesladies around them were more fascinated by him, worship written all over their faces. One of them said, “I’m so envious. I also want such a boyfriend. ”A boyfriend?How could they mistake Stanford and her as lovers? But it was normal . usually, if a man and a woman were shopping, most probably they were lovers. Florence didn’t care much about such a misunderstanding because it did no harm. However, Stanford corrected them with a solemn look, “We’re not lovers