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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 220: Your Little Girlfriend

Instantly, Florence’s body was stiffened. “You. What are you doing?” “I want to ask you why you are peeping at me all the way. What do you want?” Ernest approached Florence bit by bit. His tone was too deep that it sounded so dangerous. Supporting his arms on both sides of Florence’s seat, he almost wrapped Florence with his embrace, extremely ambiguous. Florence’s breath even became heated, intertwined with his breath. With a blushed face, she retorted, “No, I’m not. ” “You don’t admit it. Then it means you feel guilty,” Ernest concluded. His fair and slender fingers pinched Florence’s chin, rubbing it slightly. His movements were tender and ambiguous. The temperature in the compartment increased gradually. “Florence, you are hitting on me. ” He stressed each syllable affirmatively. Florence’s whole body was stiffened, her heart hammering. What did she do to hit on him? She just took a few more glances at him, less than ten times. Feeling depressed, she wanted to retort. However, as soon as her lips parted, the man’s thin lips pressed on her. “Hmm!” Florence gaped. It seemed that Ernest had been suppressing his desire for a long time. His kiss was so violent, intertwining, and overbearing as if he would swallow her down. Florence felt so flustered. She wanted to push him away but she found that he had trapped her between his arms. She couldn’t struggle at all. His kiss became more and more affectionate, and her mind became blank gradually. However, at the thought that they were still at the roadside and the car window was still opened. They would be seen by the passers-by. Florence felt ashamed and panicked. So many different emotions gathered together, she felt extremely stimulated. After a long while, Ernest released her reluctantly. Ernest looked at her ruby cheeks, and his eyes were full of tenderness. Florence was in a panic. She turned around and looked away in a hurry, having no guts to look at him anymore. She wondered if this man was truly nuts. Without any restrain, he could kiss her forcibly on the roadside. She wanted to scold him but couldn’t find the right words. She just felt helpless and speechless. Ernest looked at Florence’s angry and shy face, a trace of amusement flashing through his eyes, full of affection. Just simply looking at her, he would like her more and more and never get tired. If it weren’t that they were still at the roadside and in his car, he truly wouldn’t hold on any longer and have sex with her immediately. Due to the delay o the way, Reynold arrived at the destination and waited for them for a long while. Then Ernest’s car arrived slowly

Possessively, he walked forward with Florence in his arms. Reynold looked at the intimate couple, feeling irritated. He felt quite uncomfortable

. For some reason, as long as he saw Florence be with Ernest, he would felt annoyed. He wanted to separate them very much. However, he didn’t have any suitable reason to do so. Suppressing the discomfort in his heart, he decided to continue with his work. Hence, Reynold took Florence to the clothing store he planned to go to today. The store wasn’t in a lively street, but it was a huge store with a lot of goods inside. Reynold had brought Florence here two days ago, which was the last store they visited. However, it was too late then, they hadn’t finished looking at all goods before coming out. Hence, he brought her here again. Reynold walked in first. Going through the customer reception area, they directly walked to the back where the studio was. The studio in the back was bigger, with a lot of designed clothes and an onsite workshop. A mid-aged man walked to Reynold with a smile. He walked quite fast, so he only saw Reynold alone. He joked, “Mr. Myron, why didn’t you bring your little girlfriend here?”Reynold was stiffened. At the same time, Ernest came in with Florence in his arms. It wasn’t until then did the mid-aged man see Florence, but he also saw Ernest who was holding her. They looked quite clinging to each other, full of affection. They seemed to be the real lovers. The mid-aged man was taken aback in surprise. The day before yesterday, when Reynold brought Florence over, he could sense that the atmosphere between the two was quite sweet. Hence, he mistook Florence as Reynold’s girlfriend. Much to his surprise, he made a mistake. When Ernest walked in, he saw the mid-aged man look quite shocked. As a smart and sensitive man, he immediately understood whom the “little girl” was referring to. His face was darkened, a sharp light flashing through his eyes. He looked over at Reynold and said jokingly and ironically, “It turns out that you have a little girlfriend. ”His words sounded so sarcastic and extremely threatening. Florence clenched her hands, feeling like a cat on the hot bricks. Obviously, the store owner had misunderstood. It was totally fine, but it was found by Ernest. Florence couldn’t imagine what would happen if Ernest misunderstood. She felt a sense of guilt. Looking over at Reynold uneasily, she hinted at him for help. Reynold’s eyes were darkened, frowning deeply. Certainly, he understood what Florence meant, but the reluctance in his heart go serious. After all, the more he watched Florence be with Ernest, the more he felt a pain in his eyes.