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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 191: You’re Not Qualified

Florence felt inexplicably relieved when she learned about the truth. It was like the heavy stone that had been hanging on her was removed and she was finally relaxed. Ernest, who had been fixing his eyes on Florence, noticed the slight change of her expressions and her relaxed look. It seemed like she felt quite delighted when she learned that he and Gemma were not in a romantic relationship. Ernest felt a bit touched. He then leaned towards Florence. He said in a sexy deep voice, “Florence, you’ve been alienating me. Is it because you mistook my relationship with Gemma?” Florence subconsciously nodded her head as it was true. Ernest pressed his lips together and then curled them into a charming smile. He then asked, “You refused my proposal before. Is it because you don’t want to be a mistress?” She indeed didn’t want to be a home-wrecker, nor could she accept herself being a victim of the covenant marriage. So what Ernest said was true again. Florence nodded again. Ernest’s mood seemed to be enhanced. He then asked in a lower voice with a rarely seen touch of nervousness and anticipation in it, “There obstacles have vanished now. Will you reconsider marrying me?” Since the premise was different, it was reasonable that she should reconsider it. Florence nodded. When she looked up, she found that Ernest was quite close to her and there was a charming smile on his face. He was damn handsome at the moment. They were so close and Florence felt flustered. She suddenly realized something. Reconsidering marry him? When she reconsidered it, it meant that she would probably accept his proposal. She was not thinking of this. Florence shook her head and stammered, “I… I… I didn’t mean that. ” “Then what do you mean?” Ernest looked into Florence’s eyes and asked. His gaze was unfathomable and burning and it was like he was actually gazing at her soul. Florence lost her presence was mind. Her heartbeat accelerated and she was totally in a muddle-headed state. She thought that Gemma was Ernest’s girlfriend before and thought that the reason why Ernest wanted to marry her was to cover up his relationship with Gemma and to deceive her to surrogate for them

” Florence hurriedly pushed Ernest away, her hear still thumping wildly. She didn’t dare to look at him because this man was really fascinating. He must had taken advantage of his handsome face to seduce her just now, and therefore she almost accepted his proposal

. Ernest became dispirited when seeing Florence’s aloof look. He looked towards Gemma with a displeased look. Gemma was a bit startled. Of course she knew that Ernest was annoyed because she had bothered them. But she couldn’t admit it in front of them, nor would she admit her defeat in front of Florence. She forced a graceful and magnanimous look and persuaded Ernest in a soft and charming voice, “Ernest, Flory is late because she feels uncomfortable and she can’t accompany you to toast the guests. Don’t get mad at her, please, she’s patient after all. ”It sounded like she was putting in good words for Florence. But indeed, she was trying to let Florence believe that she was Ernest’s girlfriend and it sounded like she was talking with a standpoint as a hostess. It sounded more like she was asking her boyfriend to show mercy to Florence and her voice was cute. If Ernest changed his attitude towards Florence when he heard the words, Gemma would be credited with it. Gemma knew this psychological trick well back then and had been deceiving Florence by saying these ambiguous words with such an attitude. And from Ernest’s point of view, he would think that it was a persuasion from a friend when he heard the words. He never thought that there was any problem with it. Therefore, Ernest never retorted her. And this became a plausible proof to Gemma’s lie. She fooled Florence with such a trick before, and was now trying to fool her by this means again. Florence felt disgusted. She wanted to expose Gemma’s lie and diss her. But in the end she still held back the impulse. On the one hand, today was Ernest’s birthday party and she didn’t want to make a fuss here; on the other hand, since Gemma was Ernest’s friend, it would disgrace Ernest if this was blown up. Florence took a deep breath to suppress the restlessness in her heart and tried to force a polite smile. When she was about to shift the topic, the man unexpectedly sneered in an indifferent voice, “It’s my own business. Why are you bothered?”