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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 259: You’re the Only One in My Eyes

Felt the sudden emptiness in his arms, Ernest was off-guard. He startled for a moment. Looking up at Florence’s panicked back, he suddenly came back to his senses from his brain driven by his hot desire. He frowned, feeling regretful. It seemed that his restraint had become worse and worse when facing Florence. Florence trotted out of the room on one go. After trotting for a long distance, she paused and gasped. For some reason, in such a short distance with Ernest, she was in a daze. They almost kissed. She couldn’t control herself at all. Feeling annoyed, Florence patted her heated cheeks, wondering what on earth happened to her recently. After a long while, she came back to her senses and realized what they were going to do. She pulled out her cell phone and checked the time -- it was already two o’clock. It’s time to go to the showroom! In an instant, Florence couldn’t care about anything else. She hurriedly rushed over to the sample studio. While she arrived at the door out of breath, much to her surprise, she saw Ernest standing there. In a neatly tailored suit, he stood upright. Without going in, he looked as if he was waiting for someone. It was obvious whom he was waiting for. As soon as she saw her, Florence couldn’t help recalling the ambiguous scene in the bathroom just now. She blushed, feeling uneasy again. She stiffed a few steps away from him, hesitating, wondering if she should go browse the sample clothing or not. It was so embarrassing for her to face Ernest. However, Ernest looked quite calm. As if nothing had happened just now, he strode over to Florence. Slightly lowering his head, he gazed at her and said steadily, “Let’s go. It begins. ” His voice was still gentle and he looked the same as usual. Florence was taken aback slightly. Looking at Ernest’s calm face, she suddenly felt that she seemed to be overacted as she cared about what had happened so much. They almost kissed each other, didn’t they? But they hadn’t kissed. She wondered why she felt so flustered. Florence had a messy mind. She tried hard to calm down the surged feelings in her heart. Taking a deep breath, she pretended to be calm and pressed her lips. “All right. ” She had already arrived at the gate. If she turned around and left, it would be more embarrassing. She decided to bite the bullets and browse the sample clothing as she had planned. As if he had already guessed that Florence would agree, Ernest, pressed his lips into a smile. Then he bent his arm slightly towards her

As soon as she looked up, she saw someone familiar -- it was Tina. She was the fashion director of this show. Florence respected her very much

. She didn’t expect that Tina would walk to her, so she smiled immediately. “Hi, Ms. Alston. ”“Ehn. ”Tina nodded. She just glanced through Florence and her gaze fell on Ernest. Looking at Ernest, she smiled. “Mr. Hawkins, how do you like it?”Ernest finally withdrew his gaze from Florence. He answered casually, “Not bad. ” It was because Florence seemed to be quite satisfied. In this world, there were rare things that could gain such a comment from Ernest. Tina had already heard such a saying as he only praised quite limited things. Much to her surprise, the fashion showed that she directed this time could get positive feedback from Ernest. Tina felt quite delighted. She invited him with a smile, “Mr. Hawkins, we had another purpose to open the sample studio to our lucky guests. There was a masterpiece that we’d love to invite everyone here to take a look at. It was designed by the well-known designer, Mr. Forager, which was the most stunning masterpiece. However, there’s a problem with it. ”“How could Mr. Forager’s masterpiece have a problem?” Florence exclaimed in surprise. Mr. Forager was the most well-known and respected designer in the design business. He had become famous long ago. The masterpieces designed by him were quite rare, but each of them was the best. However, he was always extremely picky in design and requested everything to be perfect. Hence, his designs were all artworks without any defect. He had never designed anything with a problem. Let alone a problem, there was even no defect in his works. That was why Florence couldn’t believe Tina’s words about the problem of his work as if she had heard a ghost story. Tina wasn’t surprised by Florence’s reaction. Upon hearing Tina’s words, almost everyone at the scene gaped in disbelief. However, When Tina looked over at Ernest, only to find that he looked quite indifferent without any reaction, let alone a surprise. He looked as if the problem of Mr. Forager’s masterpiece meant nothing to him.