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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 678: You've Got Skill

After the procedure, her rigid body eventually relaxed. The tears she had been holding back were about to break again. Clarence smiled at her, stroked her cheeks, and soothed her, saying, "It's not a big deal, I'll be okay in a few days, don't worry. " It made Florence even sadder, but she didn't want Clarence to be concerned about her, so she kept her emotions to herself. She nodded firmly while biting her lower lip. “Is there anywhere else that needs to be treated?” she said, wanting to treat all the wounds at once. Clarence's back was not bleeding, but the knock had caused internal damage, therefore he needed some pain reliever on the outside, but. Looking at Florence's crying face, he shook his head. “No, I'll just take a couple of pills. ” “All right, I'll bring you some water. ” Florence had no idea about medications, so she gave Clarence the first aid kit and went to seek for water in the car. The car had an automatic water heater, which had been broken during the accident. Many of the car's parts and functions were damaged, and even the lights were shattered. She then poured a glass of cold water, wrapped her hands over it, and gave it to Clarence. “There isn't any hot water, only cold. ” “Okay. ” Clarence was unconcerned, and he drank the pills along with the water. Those were tablets to treat internal injuries and to alleviate bruising. Florence glanced at Clarence after he had swallowed the medication and said, "Do you feel better?" She immediately regretted asking the question. He had only just taken it, and it took some time for the medication to take effect. Clarence responded calmly, despite her regret. “Yes, a lot better. You’ve got skill in treating wounds,” he said with a smile. Florence flushed as she heard that. She felt a lot better as if the weight in her heart had been reduced by half. The mood had improved. Clarence examined the situation in the car once more without delay. “Can we get out of here? The snow appears to have buried the car. ” She stated

” Clarence said that while he was aware Florence was concerned. As he spoke, he attempted to put on his clothing single-handedly. He took his left arm out of the sling, which might easily worsen the wound

. Florence ignored everything and rushed to assist Clarence in putting on his clothes. Even though one of his arms was wounded, he moved quickly, and the clothes were on him in seconds. Florence glanced at him, worried, but she couldn't say anything. Clarence insisted on doing so, and because it was hard to get another piece of winter gear, they had no option. Florence clenched her teeth and said, "Let's go out first. "The other vehicles also fell off; if they found one, they may be able to obtain another winter gear. Florence's heart skipped a beat as she considered this. Did Stanford's vehicle also crash? Were they safe?She had to go out and seek for them. Continuing to stay in the car was not an option. Florence promptly grabbed the tool, opened several windows, and began clearing the snow. She was doing her task with her back facing Clarence. Clarence, who had been quiet, had gone sour at this point, and he scowled in agony behind Florence. His face looked pale, and he was in a lot of pain and weariness. He was simply playing tough just now; what he needed was to rest for a while. But his existing circumstances prevented him from doing so. He also didn't want Florence to see him in pain. When the windows were opened, the cool breeze outside surged inside the car, creating an entirely different environment. Florence braced herself against the cold air and agony on her body and began digging in the snow. The sooner they got out, the sooner they could seek help. Florence, who was drenched in sweat, eventually excavated a passage for them to leave after a long time. She wiped her forehead, and the sweat on her handkerchief quickly turned to ice. It frightened her. The temperature was frigid. She bit her lower lip, collected her belongings, and went out with Clarence. They've finally made it out of the snow tunnel, but what awaited them astounded Florence.