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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter285: They Were Home

Florence felt more flustered and anxious when seeing the seriousness on Ernest’s face. Why did this man always do something ambiguous which would disturb her mind? Oh, no, she couldn’t have her eyes on him anymore; otherwise, she would not be able to control herself and would pounce on her. Florence hastily shifted her gaze as she didn’t dare to look at Ernest any longer. She then went to pack up other things. She didn’t bring too many things help, plus that Ernest was helping her, they packed up all her luggage after a short while. Although Ernest hadn’t done such a household chore before, he was so intelligent that he got hang of it soon. After the lunch, everyone assembled in the hall and they were ready to leave. When Florence came to the hall, she noticed that her colleagues all had been there with their luggage and the team of Riverside came here to send them off. But Florence didn’t saw Reynold. A trace of light flashed across her eyes. She felt a bit disappointed. After being refused by her this morning, she guessed that Reynold didn’t want to come here to send her off. Maybe he didn’t want to see her anymore, so she really didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to him. The members of the two teams expressed farewell to each other. Even if they felt upset to leave, they had to go back to City N. The employees of the Hawkins Group all got on the bus that sent them to Riverside City before. Florence also took the bus here and she intended to get on the bus. But her wrist was grabbed by Ernest when she took a step forwards. “Take my car. ” He left no room for Florence to refuse him. At the same time, Timothy drove the limited-edition Lamborghini here and stopped steadily in front of the bus. He was giving her a special treatment in front of other colleagues. Florence felt a bit embarrassed under the gazes of her colleagues. “I can take the bus together with my colleagues. ” But Ernest didn’t give her the chance to refuse him. He overbearingly held up her hand and walked towards the Lamborghini. Ernest pushed Florence’s luggage case forward and Timothy hurriedly walked over to take it and then put their luggage case into the trunk. Since her luggage was put into trunk of his car and Ernest was grabbing her wrist, Florence had no choice but to get on his car. Her face became redder when she looked up and saw the jealousy in her colleagues’ eyes. She hurriedly got into the car to hide herself. She was really not accustomed to show affection with Ernest publicly. Ernest then got on the car and sat beside Florence. They were so close that even part of their clothes overlapped. Florence hurriedly moved towards the window, trying to distance herself a little bit away from him

They waved their hands to express their farewell and then left. The Riverside team watched them leaving and then left. The entrance of the hotel soon became empty

. No one had noticed that a man who hided himself on an inconspicuous corridor had been watching them. He was Reynold. He had been standing her for a long time. And he stood so straightly as if he was a statue. He fixed his eyes which were full of gloominess and despair at the direction that Florence left just now. “Goodbye, Flory. ”He moved his lips and said goodbye to Florence in an extremely gentle voice. …Florence didn’t have a good sleep last night and was woken up early in this morning, plus that she had been in a complicated and depressed mood after getting on the car, she felt asleep unconsciously. When she woke up again, she found that she had come back to City N. Looking at the villa outside of the window, Florence flushed as she felt a bit embarrassed. Was she a pig that she had been sleeping all the way back?Ernest opened the door for Florence and reached out his hand towards her. “We’re home. ”The man’s deep voice was pleasant to ears. And the word ‘home’ made Florence’s heart skip one beat. Home?What an attracting word. But this villa was only a temporary home for her, wasn’t it?Florence was clutched by a complicated emotion. She pressed her lips together and dodged Ernest’s hand and then got off the car. Ernest felt a bit surprised and his hand froze in the air. He looked at Florence, but in the end, he didn’t say anything because he thought she was not accustomed to it as they just came back to the city. Ernest naturally took the luggage cases from Timothy. “You can get off the work now,” said Ernest. “Yes sir. ” Timothy took a glance at Ernest and Florence meaningfully. He knew deep down that the reason why he could get off the work early was that Ernest wanted to stay together with Florence alone. Therefore, he could not be the third wheel and should leave after sending them home. Ernest pushed the two luggage cases forward and headed towards the villa. Florence, who was standing behind, felt a gush of complicated emotions when looking at his back. She felt a bit weird. Ernest looked like a husband who just came back from a travel with his wife. He carried the luggage case for her and came back home with her. Nevertheless, Florence felt depressed as if a big stone was hanging on her heart