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My Wife is a Hacker (Nicole Riddle and Jared)

Chapter 2031

“Okay. ” Nolan nodded affirmatively. "We're leaving. ” Nicole smiled, touched by Nolan's behavior. After the family had left, Lawrence's gaze turned cold, and his expression darkened. "Mr. Royce, even though Miss Nicole has not regained any of her memories, she seems to have accepted her family very quickly," lan lamented after coming over. Perhaps blood ties and family relationships were so strong and solid that none of the predicaments could affect them for long. Lawrence glared at lan, and that was when the latter quickly realized that he had misspoken. Then, he quickly lowered his head. Lawrence turned and got into the car with a grimace. Though the Riddle family had bonded with Nicole, and there was nothing he could do to stop that, he would never allow Jared to take Nicole away. Back in the car, the atmosphere was nothing short of strange. Lana was hugging Jared tightly as she rambled to him about the happy things that happened to her in school, especially about Nona, whom she had met in the morning. They had already become best friends as it seemed

Gloria and Daniel loved them to bits, and as expected, they could not stop asking them about their preschool experiences. "I've already gotten the chef to cook us a feast. Everyone's back home today, so let's have a good time together

. ” Steve looked at Nicole and smiled Nicole was amused. “They went to preschool when they were on the island as well, I's easy for them to adapt, so you don't have to worry so much about them. " She was dumbfounded by the fact that everyone was so excited about Nolan and Lana's first day. ‘I wonder if the kids will change after being spoiled by so many people. ’ "It's okay. Even if they've been to school before, this is San Jato. We have to make it special. " Sean said, whereupon he turned to the children. “Just tell me what you need. " "Not just Uncle Sean. You can tell any of us too,” Spencer added