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Not Twins (Natasha and Kenneth)

Chapter 145

Anthony had planned to resolve the conflict between Darknetz and Kenneth after the recent incident. « After all, Kenneth was slowly retiring from the underworld, and nothing was unsolvable if both Darknetz and Kenneth did not mind sustaining minor losses financially. Anthony looked forward to the day whereby both parties could let bygones be bygones. However, the current circumstance seemed to be a lot more complicated than expected Anthony felt his temples throb, as he had never been overcome by such helplessness. « Right then, Thalia shot him a meaningful glance. “I’m telling you this now so you'll be mentally prepared. If something happens between Holden and Kenneth, I hope you'll be able to get a grip on yourself and don't blame Holden!” Anthony looked up at Thalia. Don’t blame Holden? At most, I can try to comprehend it, but I can’t hold myself back from resenting it. Needless to say, Anthony knew well about himself. If anything were to happen to any of them, he would not be able to take it. « After much contemplation, he asked Thalia solemnly, “Do you think there's any other misunderstanding?” * “Misunderstanding? I don't think so, considering how Holden looks. ” Thalia shook her head. « Anthony furrowed his brows and sank into deep thought for a long time. * Soon, he made up his mind to get to the bottom of the matter. I must leave no stones unturned to resolve the matter. Otherwise, I'll be in a tight spot! At the sight of Anthony's contorted face, Thalia said softly, "I didn’t plan to tell you this, and I never intended to make things difficult for you. I'm only worried that Holden will turn to seek you out for payback instead if you suddenly announce your relationship with Kenneth one day. ” “I understand that you're concerned about me. Don't worry. I'll try to get to the bottom of the matter. By then. I'll just take one step at a time. ” “Just go with the flow, okay?” « Anthony narrowed his eyes as his lips curled into a sneer. Go with the flow? No way! I'll never succumb to anything! I'm going to build my own world with my own hands! It will be a mighty world where I'll be able to protect my loved ones! * Thalia seemed to be able to sense Anthony's displeasure and turned to steal a glance at him It was then he planned to grab some sleep after shifting to a comfortable posture. His mind was all over the place, and he needed a good sleep before he started racking his brain on the matter. * “Oh yeah! What did you tell Kenneth when he asked you to stay away from me?" Thalia asked abruptly. * “Oh! I've almost forgotten to tell you. I told him you were my martial arts instructor. Don't let it slip your mind, okay?" Anthony mumbled, his eyes closed. © “What?” Martial arts instructor? Thalia turned and asked in disbelief, “He didn't even suspect anything? Has he ever come across such a gorgeous martial arts instructor?” * There was only the sound of Anthony's even breathing. Thalia was dumbfounded

” “I'm more than willing to meet my end because of you. ” “I can grant your wish at any time. ” The blissful smile on Kenneth's face widened when he saw Natasha pouting her lips in frustration

. After placing the food on the overbed table, he looked at her gently. “Take your breakfast now. ” * Natasha shot him a look and gladly accepted his offer. It’s a waste of food if I don't eat it. * Seeing that, Kenneth started digging in too. * Moments later, he piped up, “I met Anthony right after I left last night!” * Natasha momentarily stiffened before she continued eating without batting an eyelid. “I chatted with him the whole night, and we only parted with each other a while ago!” * “Oh,” Natasha responded nonchalantly without any change in her countenance. * “Don't you have anything to ask me?” Kenneth frowned. * “No,” Natasha replied placidly, devoid of expression. [fit had been Denise, she might have been worried about her being abducted. However, since it was Anthony, there was nary a thing she needed to be worried about. * “He didn’t say anything nasty to you, did he?" « Kenneth remained silent. “If he did, don't take it to heart. He's just worried about me,” Natasha added. * Kenneth pursed his lips, recalling how Anthony had warned him the night before. He was thankful that he did not take the tough road and go hard with Natasha. Otherwise, he would have really suffered a huge defeat. * Even so, he could not help feeling green with envy at a self-assured Natasha. « “Aren't you worried that they'll choose me?” After swallowing a mouthful of food, Natasha gazed at him and replied, “There could be a possibility for that. Benjamin mentioned that he will follow you willingly if you insist on having him by your side. He will grab the opportunity to inherit your property before coming back to me and giving everything to me. ” * Kenneth was bereft of speech. * Wearing a look of sheer confidence, Natasha flashed him a triumphant smile. At the sight of a speechless Kenneth, she pointed out deliberately, “Actually, you can try approaching Denise. She should be very fond of you. ” Hearing that, Kenneth arched his brows. Ha! There's still a trump card in my hand! ° “But. ” Previous Chapter