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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 196

Alondra took a photo of Emmeline and Adam having dinner last night. No matter how she looked at it, she felt Adam with the mustache looked familiar. But she was sure she had not met him. Who is this man? He doesn't look like an ordinary person. That b*tch Emmeline is really good at seducing men! Alondra was envious of the many good men surrounding Emmeline and felt Emmeline like a coquettish fox. Alondra tried her best but could only successfully seduce Maxwell, whose wife died. Alondra pondered, then decided to go to Alana. She wanted to ask Alana to help her figure out who the man Emmeline met. Alondra called the chauffeur to send her to Ryker Hospital. Alana was bored in the ward when Alondra came in. Alana was overjoyed. "Auntie Alondra, you finally visit me! I'm going to bore myself to death!" "I'm busy too. " Alondra put down the pastry. "So I didn't come until now. " Alana pulled Alondra to sit down and pouted aggrievedly. "What's the matter?" Alondra asked her, "You look unhappy

If Emmeline has an affair with this man, you don't have to worry about Abel. " Alana was stunned when she heard that, then asked, "Auntie Alondra, what are you talking about? Who is having an affair with Emmeline?" "Look, I took photos of them. " Alondra opened the phone photo album and showed Alana the photo

. Alana squinted her eyes, then immediately shouted, "It's Adam! How could it be him?" Adam? Alondra was taken aback. "You mean Adam of the Ryker family?" "Yes, it's him!" Alana pointed to Adam's mustache in the photo. "Isn't this the symbol of Adam?" "Is that so?" Alondra knew now that the man eating with Emmeline was Adam Ryker! That Emmeline is amazing! The three young masters of the Ryker family were all hooked up by her! "It's just. " Alana frowned. "How could Adam be with Emmeline? It's impossible!" "How can it be impossible?" Alondra said, "I took this photo myself. " "I can't believe it!" Alana glanced at the photo again. In the photo, Adam looked at Emmeline with a smile. She was flustered and unsure. It was as if there was an undercurrent draining her strength. Adam had promised to help her deal with Emmeline, but it did not look like that now. "I didn't expect Emmeline to be good in seduce!" Alondra looked at the photo unconvincingly and enviously. Alana frowned and said gloomily, "I'm going to see Adam!"