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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 197

"Why do you go to see him?" Alondra was a little surprised. "I've never met that man, but I heard that his background is not simple. " Alana answered, "Don't worry about that. I have my plans. " After Alondra left, Alana told Quentin that she had to leave the hospital for a few hours. Quentin said, "Ms. Lane, your injury has healed, but you're still pretending to be ill, so you must be careful not to be suspected, or the consequences will be disastrous. " "I'll pay attention. " Alana touched Quentin's finger and smiled coquettishly. "You can rest assured. " "That's good. " Quentin took the opportunity to grab Alana's hand and sniff it greedily. Alana was Abel's fiancée, so he did not dare to act excessively unless Alana took the initiative. Alana changed out of her hospital gown and left while wearing a mask. She did not go directly to Adam but to her designated beauty club. She took a fragrant milk bath, then did skin care. After a whole set of procedures, Alana had become a silky beauty. Then, the beautician started to apply foreign makeup and eyelashes to Alana. When Alana's chauffeur delivered Alana's sports car and clothes, Alana's makeup was completed. Looking at her charming self in the mirror, Alana believed she could attract Adam. All men like women, let alone a charming woman like me

" "Yes, Mr. Adam. " The wooden door closed

. The bodyguard returned and told Adam's words to Alana. "Wait an hour?" Alana's expression darkened. She did not expect Adam to embarrass her. But after thinking about it, it was better than driving her away and not seeing her. "Okay, I'll wait here," Alana answered the bodyguard. The bodyguard ignored her and let her walk back and forth at the elevator entrance in high heels. After waiting an hour, Alana asked the bodyguard again, "Can I see Mr. Adam now?" The bodyguard went to the door to ask for instructions, then returned and said, "You may go inside now. " Alana tidied her hair, then went to the luxurious wooden door. "Mr. Adam, I'm here. " "Come in. " Adam's laziness came from inside. Alana opened the door and walked in, only to see Adam sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed. She also saw him wearing an unbuttoned white shirt and revealing his chest muscles. This scene made Alana's heart beat fast. Is Adam trying to attract me? Alana was overjoyed