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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 199

Alana said, "I still want you to help me kill Emmeline! Abel promised to get engaged to me, but it's eight months later. I think this is Abel's plan to delay the engagement. He must not give up Emmeline!" Upon hearing that, Adam squinted, and a hint of cold light flashed in his deep eyes. If Abel refuses to give up Emmeline, what will Adrien do? He had promised to help Adrien get Emmeline back. And he could see that Emmeline was a good woman. If Emmeline married Abel, Abel would earn a pretty wife and three cute sons. Adam would not let that happen! If Abel got Emmeline, it meant Adam lost to Abel. Not only Ryker Group, but also a woman. Adam said, "I can't kill Emmeline. That woman must live well. " Alana's face turned pale upon hearing that. "Mr. Adam, even you are partial to Emmeline?" "That's normal. Emmeline is Adrien's woman. " Alana refuted, "But Mr. Adrien failed to pursue Emmeline. She may return to Abel with her three kids at any time. And now, it is said that Benjamin of the Adelmar Group is pursuing her. Are you sure Mr

"You're smart!" Adam showed a sinister smile. "It'll be a pity if a vicious woman like you doesn't marry Abel!" "Then I'll wait for good news from you?" "Yes, you may go now!" Alana left content. In the elevator, she laughed wildly

. Emmeline, you can't imagine I'll defeat you! Now, I still have one thing to do. Alana took out her phone and opened her Twitter. After some consideration, she wrote, "Thanks to him for giving me time to restore my health and beauty. I look forward to the engagement with him. " Emmeline did not know that Alana was plotting to deal with her. Now she felt she needed to explain to Benjamin about Adam and Waylon. She knew nothing about the relationship between the Adelmar and Ryker family. But Benjamin should know it. After all, Robert trained him. Emmeline sent her kids to the kindergarten and called Benjamin. Benjamin said, "You wait at the cafe. Don't go anywhere. I'll ask the chauffeur to pick you up. " Emmeline agreed, then asked, "Is Janie there?"